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Boarding The Disney Fantasy Cruise! Part 1 Disney Cruise Vacation

Boarding The Disney Fantasy Cruise! Part 1 Disney Cruise Vacation

Boarding The Disney Fantasy Cruise! Part 1 Disney Cruise Vacation
this is our first time on a Disney Cruise Line!! our family is a huge fan of all things disney so come along on our amazing family vacation.


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  1. Gwen Weaver Reply

    What time of year did you go? We are looking at February or March.
    Doug Weaver

  2. Ruffian20aj Reply

    Im going this summer which cruise did you guys do! Im doing Western Caribbean

  3. Alex C Reply

    Stayed at the same hotel before our last Disney Cruise.

  4. #DisneyCruising Reply

    How do you change the cover of your video?? Great vid btw!!!

  5. champmeister Reply

    As a family considering a Disney cruise, this Vlog series has been tremendously helpful. Thank you…

  6. Jhonny Agostino Reply



    I went on the exact same cruise and exact same hotel

  8. Holly Frawley Reply

    Where can I buy the book bag April has? Is it a MK one? Love that color. Thanks

  9. Ellena Relkin Reply

    Love it

  10. bacilio Escobar Reply

    veyoeso vonito

  11. AllyKat W Reply

    I have been on two going on another next year

  12. dwolfpak897 Reply

    LOVE THIS VIDEO GUYS!!! We are doing the same cruise in March. It’s fun getting a glimpse of what’s to come.

    Question, how did you like those snorkel masks? I’ve seen them on FB, but would like a real persons opinion. We’ve used regular ones, but my wife doesn’t like the snorkel cause she has a hard time clearing the water out.

  13. Heather D. Reply

    How fun! I cannot wait to see what other exciting things you guys experience on your vacation! Bon Voyage!!! xoxox Heather, St. Albert, AB 🇨🇦

  14. Amanda and Ryan Reply

    this made me start crying. that is one of my absolute DREAMS is to take my kids to see Mickey Mouse, whether on a cruise or at Disney World. you guys are so blessed, and I’m happy for you guys! Much love from TN!

  15. Adyson JOHNSON Reply

    I’ve been on a cruise before and next year we’re going for my birthday

  16. ItzCaityCat Reply

    I’m so excited! My family and I are going on the fantasy for the 7 night cruise to castaway next January!! Getting pumped watching your vlog!

  17. Joel Ruiz Reply

    Watch eventubehd

  18. Hamad Al Darmi Reply

    Hi, can you please send a link where to buy the snorkeling mask.. I’ve seen a bunch on amazon and don’t know what to choose.. thanks

  19. Ayrton Coetzee Reply

    I have the same shirt as the little girl

  20. mitchtim Reply

    Great job capturing your trip.  We had Simon as our waiter in December of 2015.  How did you like him?  We have been on many cruises and he was absolutely the worst waiter we have ever had on Disney or Royal Caribbean.  Hopefully your experience was better.

  21. Catalina MS Reply

    Where can I buy that? 1:25

  22. Nichole Clark Reply

    I am on a disny cruise right now

  23. Amber King Reply

    I have always wanted to be on those cruise ships I am so glad I get to view what they are like

  24. Rogue Aviation Reply

    It’s a 50. Not a uzi.

  25. Eli Goddard Reply

    Davey sounds like Matt Meese

  26. Nicholas Van Zomeren Reply

    do you guys live in Eagle Mountain in Utah?

  27. Katherine H Reply

    13 more days

  28. Just for fun Gaming Reply

    I’m going in April I think it is going to be so much fun

  29. Samantha Rose Reply

    did you have to pay to play the arcade games

  30. GengarPlaysGames Reply

    white people things

  31. beingmommywithstyle Reply

    So fun!! I cannot wait to do this again in February!! ✨😊

  32. Jessie R Reply

    I’ve been on 3 cruises- 2 Royal Caribbean and 1 Norwegian but the Disney cruise just seems so magical! Can’t wait to have children one day and cruise with Disney!

  33. Heather Fennell Reply

    I love April and Davey!!! They’re so cute 🙂

  34. christine emerson Reply

    Gosh, I just found u! I’m LDS , married and live in Maryland. I really enjoy your videos. You guys are awesome!!!

  35. Gwen Weaver Reply

    The DCL is the best. We went on the Magic, twice, several yrs ago and loved it. You can’t beat anything Disney does. By the way what hotel were you staying in before you left for the ship? Is it on Cape Canaveral?

  36. Family Fun Stuff Reply

    very cool! How did you like staying in the AFT?

  37. Rowan Mitchell Reply

    The model boat you saw in florida wasnt the fantasy it was the magic

  38. ronnethe berry Reply

    i have never gone but going next yr, that’s a promise. love Disney

  39. SpoopyTheScout :D Reply

    Utah weather? id say that’s Ohio weather, and also that’s a boat?! it looks like the grand Floridian resort in Walt Disney world

  40. Taylor Campbell Reply

    Disney cruises are my faaaaaavorite! Watching these make me so nostalgic. Looks like you’re having a blast!!

  41. faith diamante Reply

    Watching here from the Philippines 🙂

  42. hannah babcock Reply

    The Raddison is probably one of my favorite places to stay.

  43. mwink911 Reply

    What hotel were you at in the beginning of the video?

  44. Lanaloo216 Reply

    I am TERRIFIED when it comes to boats but I think this video has convinced me that I need to go on a Disney Cruise before I die!

  45. Jones Family Travels Reply

    Awesome! Disney Cruises are so much fun!

  46. Whylie Marsh Reply


  47. Kreative Kendra Reply

    me and my family did the same exact cruise when the new star wars came out it was so fun

  48. Candace Thomas Reply

    InteleTravel Independent Travel
    We guarantee to match any price

  49. Jhonny Agostino Reply

    Disney Forever

  50. Madi and Lex Reply

    Oh how cool you are you with the Davises family on that crew ship with Tyler and Kayla

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