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China Needs A Comprehensive Upgrade And Recycled Plastics Industry

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Despite the steady increase in supply at home and abroad to China’s plastics recycling industry to bring a robust growth potential, but the industry must adopt a more advanced technology and address community concerns about pollution of the environment renewable industry a major industry groups in charge of a man says.

China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Chairperson of plastics recycling light in a certain industry, Lin said at a meeting, Chinese enterprises can provide sufficient raw materials for sustainable growth: in 2008, China’s domestic recycled plastics recycling grew 10% to more than 900 million tons, while in the Prior to this, in 2002 -2,008 years, imports of waste plastics for more than tripled, slightly higher than 7 million tons.

However, in 2009 China’s plastics recycling and recycling his speech at the General Assembly, bluntly warned Tao Lin Liang, China’s plastics recycling industry needs to upgrade industry standards, increase R & D investment, and follow the United States, Japan and other developed economies, the use of more efficient machinery and equipment. Importantly, the industry needs to find ways to change the Chinese public to recycling and garbage collection company deemed inherent in the views of those who, focusing on promoting regeneration of the Chinese economy for the environment and what contribution to make. Some open questions – for example, some companies in the plastic recycling operations failed to take appropriate environmental controls – has hindered the development of the industry, but also led to the Government in certain decision-making process for plastic recycling “lack of attention.” China’s imports of waste plastics levy a 6.5% tariff, but imports of waste paper, copper and other materials they can enjoy tax-free.

He said the media sometimes China’s plastics recycling will make a negative report, but have been widely discussed issue of the importation of waste is actually only the overall import of “negligible part of.” From recycled materials recycling business to make up the shortage of raw materials in China starting this perspective, emphasizing how the recycling industry, played a role in promoting the national economy.

Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai University School of QianGuangren Professor November 5 -7, held in Hangzhou, said this meeting, recyclers should also strengthen the importance of greenhouse gas emissions can be through the use of recycled materials, reducing greenhouse gases.

As is currently the world’s second largest after the United States in carbon dioxide emissions, if China can not reduce emissions, other countries might would impose punitive tariffs on Chinese materials. In all major economies, China’s per capita emissions are at the lowest level, but because of the huge economies of scale, from the whole became emitters.

There has been some evidence that the end of 2008 was the strong impact of Western economic crisis, their ebb, China’s plastics recycling industry is now slowly recovering.

According to Chinese customs statistics data, in 2009 China’s imports of plastic waste, essentially flat in 2008, as of the end of September 2009, import volume has reached 5.4 million tons. According to this meeting, published data show that about 20% of domestic plastic waste for recycling.

Regeneration Company, said businesses have improved, but still not optimistic about the situation.

Hebei, China and Macao Limited KarenZhou waste processing, said: “Once the bottom will naturally rebound. Now we are gradually recovering.”

But Zhou said the market trend is still difficult to predict, but also very sensitive to price. China and Macao imports from Europe and the United States ABS, polyethylene and other waste products, after re-processed into resin sold to China’s auto parts, bags and other products manufacturers.

She said her company hopes the Government can recycling enterprises of all uniform standards, including the so-called “backyard recyclers” who operated a small plant regeneration of the law is always playing the “edge ball.” She said that China and Macao invested heavily in purchasing a lot and efficient equipment to high standards of operation and long-term perspective on business development. However, she is unlikely that the Government will implement a unified industry standard, on the one hand the Government want to encourage employment, on the other hand can not be for such a small company or its employees like big business income. She said that the crackdown may be too strict “will disrupt social stability.” She said that China and Macao has recently spent more than 100 million yuan (147,000 U.S. dollars) purchased an extrusion line, while its competitors in this area put the figure is only 30% or less.

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