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CRUISE TIPS | Extra Costs of Cruising

CRUISE TIPS | Extra Costs of Cruising

In this video I answer some FAQ’s about Hidden Costs & Extra’s of Cruising. Please check out my other cruise videos here:
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*I did forget to mention that Wi-Fi is extra. Personally we think it’s too expensive and never purchase. You’ll find free Wi-Fi in certain ports at shops & restaurants.

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  1. SDot2385

    I remembered you uploading this video a while ago but I’m not big on cruises so I didn’t pay it much attention. It’s been a rough year for our family and my mom (who loves cruises) has a major b-day coming up so I’m taking one for the team and we’re setting sail on Norwegian. Thanks for all the tips!

  2. Rachel Elisabeth

    So is the "credit card" a card that they give you to fill, or like your own actual credit card.

  3. Guardup_orshut-up

    If you put money on a prepaid card and by the end of the cruise you still have money on it do you get that money back?

  4. Luann Barber

    We’re going to the Panama Canal next April on Princess Cruise Lines. Love your videos – they are very helpful. I did not know we can each carry on a bottle of wine on Princess.

  5. cliff post

    could you tell me what nights are the formal dinner nights on the panama 10day cruise?

  6. Tototototo

    If you really look at the prices of the alcohol packages then you have to be a bona fied alcoholic to even break even. Still, if you must, then it’s cheaper if you pre-pay for it on line. One time we caught a couple trying to share a single package. Wifey would get a drink then get another one for hubby. They got caught. How embarrassing ha ha.

  7. Mike Zeedan

    Jesus loves you!

  8. Tiffany Pettis


  9. John Wilson

    I am thinking about going on a cruise in Sept 2017 if I can get enough money to go. I travel by myself so I hope not to spend over 1500 total to go to bahammas on a 4 day cruise.

  10. Palladin

    thank you!

  11. Meagan Van Herpen

    Going to Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras march 18th! My 15th cruise!

  12. aaronsm03

    You’re videos have been very helpful! Myself and my 13 year old son are going on our first cruise to Cozumel and Progresso in May have watched a few of your blogs for hints. Very informative. Thank you Miss Crystal! BTW we’re so excited! If we like it we hope to do one a year. Who knew they were so inexpensive?

  13. sdsaztec

    Thanks. Your series is very informative. Good reminders.

  14. Frankie Moss

    My cruise is in 4 days soooo excited 😊

  15. tom nasty

    MissCrystal, This was very helpful, Thank You.

  16. Randy TheRam

    does anyone have the english translation for this?

  17. 2 mums r better

    Thank you for this. Very helpful. Planning a Mediterranean cruise in July for our honeymoon x

  18. Darren Watson

    My mums booked it and we’ve payed up front… So you get charged for tips all day too????

  19. Robert Bamford

    Hi. I’ve cruised 5 times (3 x Disney, 2 x Holland America) and still don’t understand if or what room service fees there are. Ordering a special meal to the room? Does the meal cost? (I understand some may) Am I expected to tip the delivery person? I have a tight budget, and usually take a few years to save up for a cruise, and the less I have to spend onboard the better. Cruise line websites have not been clear on this, at least to my understanding. Any comments on room service fees and tipping? Thanks!!

  20. woof359

    we were wondering what stays open late aboard a ship say after 11 PM

  21. MissCrystal

    Stealing this video and re-uploading to your channel is Copyright Infringement and you will be reported! Adding my channel to the description box does NOT make it legal to upload this video.

  22. David Banks

    I want to know how big is the doors on a grand suite to decorate the door for me and my girlfriend

  23. Laura Weber

    Exactly what places are not safe if the carribean?

  24. Holly Watts

    Going to Alaska in a couple of months on Celebrity Millennium.Β  So excited, it’s our first cruise!

  25. Ash Sanders

    you look like jo jos mum

  26. little skittle

    if you go on carnival you can get bottomless bubbles so it is free soda alcohol dose not count and i think it is only 5$ a day

  27. Jessie Williams

    Where do you find out the cost of excursions for carnival? We are planning a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon but this is our first time cruising so we don’t know where to find out all the extra information!

  28. Jenny Warren

    that is really helpful Thank you:)

  29. Komerican10

    Great tips!! My family and I are cruising this summer on RCL:) We are excited!!

  30. DivingSword DS

    Great information. Thank you.

  31. peachyic

    Great tips thanks… love your necklace tooπŸ‘

  32. Marsha Q

    There’s also an option where you can have no gratuity put on your card and you can pick who you would like to tip with cash. You we’ll have to set that up with guest services once you get on board.

    This is great if you’re a person who may only go to the specialty restaurants and you will tip there. and not wasting your tip when you did not get service in the dining room or if you want to specifically give tips to your room attendant and more than what the cruise line will give them.

  33. Kyla Peterson

    How are the shows and night entertainment?

  34. KendraTheGamer

    Mine is in march

  35. Dee MS

    Great video. Thanks for the information

  36. Robert Leonard

    hat’s the attraction in cruising? All I see on you tube is the hidden costs. Why are cruise lines deceptive? Also I never see any video regarding the services activities. Seems everybody has their hand in your pocket. My take on this experience is that it is a floating mall with a better food court, and there is a lot of marketing deception. Sounds like Tijuana

  37. maggi guzinsky

    what about wifi

  38. Joshua Cook

    I can’t speak for all Cruise lines but Royal Caribbean now has all their Starbucks drinks included in their Ultimate Package. Still not worth it if you’re not much of an alcohol drinker but when I’m on a tropical vacation like a cruise or resort etc. my mantra is if you don’t have a drink in your hand you’re doing it right so the package is definitely a great deal for me personally

  39. Aliye Sara

    How many cruises have you been on? What’s you’re favourite line? I’ve only done 3 different lines but I’m wanting to try new lines πŸ™‚

  40. Jodie R

    I’m Australian. We don’t tip. How much are they adding to your bill for gratuities?

  41. Cheryl Teo

    My family travelled on Mariner Of The Seas, we were charged upfront for tips, so I dun see how we should tips again

  42. Danielle Barrera

    I really find your videos so helpful! You keep to the subject and don’t tell "stories". Love straight shooting to the facts. THANK YOU!!!

  43. Ashley Hawkins

    We’re planning our first cruise for our anniversary in November. I’m incredibly excited and nervous. Trying to learning everything I can to make sure we’re prepared.

  44. Lauree A

    Just booked our second cruise with NCL. We tried them out with the Sky and enjoyed our time although others on board were impacted by plumbing issues on ship. We are going on one of their new ships this time. We have enjoyed RC ships but had a poor experience on the Enchantment of the Seas, we had a dirty cabin and the over all ship was not kept up. I always fear over paying for the cruise itself, some times the fares jump by several hundred dollars. We never do specialty dining and even paying gratuities for "free" drink packages make me wonder if it is worth it(yet I still get it).

  45. Jasmyne Johnston

    Hi Crystal, how does the spending on the ship go as far as the cards ? Does everyone get one ? (all adults, teens , etc. ?)

  46. john kov

    thank you very informative..

  47. Sarah D.

    I like your necklace!

  48. Crystal Star

    Thanks, this was helpful! My fiance and I are thinking about going on a 7 day cruise in Hawaii for our honeymoon. It’ll be my first experience both on a cruise, and seeing the islands. I’m excited, but also nervous, so I’m trying to get as much info as I can before booking. I’ll go ahead and watch your other cruise videos that you mentioned. =)

  49. Cheryl Young

    Bermuda June 2017

  50. Sunshine Smile

    That card is helpful to have so you don’t have to handle cash on the ship, But if your spouse enjoys drinking, and didn’t know the card was hooked up to my credit card boy did he rack up my card from alcohol drinks, he thought they were included, I knew they weren’t,