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Cruising in Hong Kong

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An imposing natural harbour, the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong is one of the busiest in the world. The island’s mountains provide the Harbour with natural protection from tropical storms and typhoons making it the preferred shelter of the various local vessels as well as the bigger foreign trading vessels.


This natural attraction is much sought after by visitors to the island as it offers a unique ‘island’ experience. The various container vessels, as well as the local junks and sampans which dot the marina add colour and life to the harbour making it a lively spectacle. For an up, close and personal view, visitors can attempt one of the Victoria Harbour Cruises. Each cruise sets sail from the Harbour piers located on the two sides of the harbour and visitors can choose from a range of cruises.


For the most spectacular viewing of the harbour the best option would be the Evening Harbour Cruise. The dusky Hong Kong skyline is breathtakingly beautiful and a view from the star speckled waters of the Harbour is the best way to experience this natural beauty. Once bobbing on the waters visitors can expect a panoramic view of the spectacular Hong Kong skyline – an impressive cityscape highlighted by neon colours. The Evening Cruise goes as far as the Wan Chai district.


Other impressive cruises to explore the Victoria Harbour are the Sunset Cruise, offering magnificent views of the oriental sunset as guests sail up to the Kowloon Peninsular, and the amazing ‘A Symphony of Lights’ cruise, a stunning view of the dancing lights of the Victoria Harbour as the boat circumnavigates the Harbour.


Visitors to Hong Kong are assured of a range of comfortable and affordable accommodation options. Ranging from budget to luxury, hotels in Hong Kongoffer its guests the warm oriental hospitality and modern facilities. For a hotel with easy access to the island’s attractions try the Eaton Hotel Hong Kong. The Eaton Hotel is located at the heart of the city and its guests find it easy to access the city’s highlights, including Hong Kongbars, eateries, attractions and shopping malls.

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