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For many people today the education system begins at the age of four. It is from here forward that youngsters are usually pushed to achieve the best that they possibly can. Even young kids are pushed by their teachers and to some extent their peers also to achieve and be the very best, either academically or even in another way of life. Pressure can at times be difficult to handle. Someone can be part of the compulsory education system right the way through to the age of sixteen. After reaching this age, an individual may decide by themselves what path to take, this can involve leaving school. But it is often the case that a child is instead pushed to carry on with their education, instead taking it further to an A-Level standard. Typically this takes a child up to the age of eighteen. Following on from A levels the natural progression leads young adults to university to study to get a degree. University courses may last for an additional three to five years, perhaps even longer for several qualifications! Consequently from the young age of five, a young child is pushed through the academic system for around thirteen years, not including time spent at university! The constant pressure to achieve success over such a prolonged period might cause stress levels to increase and anxieties to build. If throughout a childhood someone develops a love for sport plus a talent to play well the pressures connected with education can affect a person’s enjoyment of what ought to be a fun activity. If this sounds familiar the answer could be a gap year, enabling you to spend your time embarking on gap year tennis or gap year football, this may allow a well deserved break from education along with putting the fun back into sport.

By pursuing gap year football or gap year tennis you will have the time to really focus on your sporting ability and develop your skills further without having any extra pressures. Gap year tennis and gap year football isn’t by any means limited to the UK, you could potentially see areas of the world you have never seen before together with playing a sport that you’re passionate about. Gap year tennis and gap year football both provide regular training programmes along with matches and social events. Mentoring can be a key feature to such gap year programmes allowing coaching to be adapted specifically to an individual.

Other advantages include being able to make loads of new friends with the same interests to each other, perhaps improving a CV with a part-time job in another part of the world and exploring the world and places that one might not otherwise have a chance to see.

So, if you think that you need a break from the world of books and tests, so are currently looking for a great way to spend a gap year then gap year tennis or gap year football may be for you! You will discover the world, form new friendships and some great experiences with gap year sport.

This article was written by R. Deans on behalf of Sport Lived, experts in gap year football and gap year tennis. For more info on gap year football and gap year tennis please visit SportLived.co.uk

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