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Holiday 2016 – Miami, MSC Divina Caribbean Cruise, New York – Gopro Hero 4 Aftermovie

Holiday 2016 – Miami, MSC Divina Caribbean Cruise, New York – Gopro Hero 4 Aftermovie

Miami Beach, Everglades
Caribbean Cruise MSC Divina: Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Bahamas
New York

shot on Gopro Hero 4 Silver Edition: http://gopro.com

Galantis – Runaway (You & I)

Kevin Karla & La Banda – Stronger Forever

Fito Blanko – Meneo

Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind

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  1. Alessandra Casula

    Una bellissima crociera

  2. Karla Deneckere

    Can you please tell me where i can find the second song please? Great video !!!

  3. Alexa's Katzen

    Wau bin gespant gehen im August 2018 😍 Mittelmeer

  4. Colin Bryant


  5. Dustin Carroll

    how was the entertainment on the ship, I have a cruise scheduled in late may and its my first time with msc

  6. Steph&Ko

    Video quality is TOP! Great video! Pop over to my channel if you get a chance 🙂

  7. Orcun Sevi

    Our Video :))

  8. Die Essig-Gurken / Undorek


  9. I dont know

    wow feel bad for the crocodile

  10. TwoSoulsOneJourney

    awesome video!
    we live in miami so it was nice to see you got to do so many cool things down here!
    we’re doing this same cruise in about a month and were wondering if the excursions offered off the boat are cheaper/better than the ones offered by msc? -thanks 🙂

  11. Frederick Folson

    Great video! I wish I knew how to do this. We’re embarking aboard the Divina in June 2017 (Eastern Caribbean itinerary) and something like this would be so much better than the same old slide show.
    What software did you use to create this?

  12. Ernest


  13. Marta Ramos Díaz

    Precioso video

  14. Lala 835

    bravi io ho fatto la stessa crociera, sono pure andato io con le razze alle cayman e nella blue hole in jamaica. Vacanza fantastica!!!

  15. jeremie

    donde esta cascada ?

  16. Gianpaolo Lenoci

    Hi, How you make a video with this song? I try to make a video with your similar songs but youtube deleted my video for copyricht! 🙁 help me please!😊👍🏻

  17. MeToo84

    I loved it!! That ship really tows the line between gaudy and elegant, but it is BEAUTIFUL and they are super full of Italian pride! I went on it for NYE 2yrs ago and just booked for first week of Dec. Can’t wait!

  18. Julia Nepomuceno

    Great video.

  19. Kilian Santana

    Muy buenos días! Anoche vi el vídeo y me enamoro! Me gustaría hacer el crucero por el caribe y la verdad que viendo esto tengo muchas más ganas. Me gustaría saber sobre qué fechas son estas imágenes para coger buen tiempo! Gracias

  20. Alethea Vespa

    was he selling pot brownies?

  21. mat ass

    Hammergeiler urlaub.. hab ich genau so auch gemacht:)

  22. Colton Marti

    loved this

  23. Jerry Guico

    Trying to decide whether to go on this cruise as there is a special deal on…………your video gave me goosebumps!

  24. Vladimír H.

    Yes !!!! You are the Master ! 🙂 ….i just wanted to go only on Caribbean Cruise, but now you change my mind…. I must earn some more, but i want everything, what i saw in video. ….. this is, how we should live our lives. 🙂

  25. Julie Reyes Guerra

    Hi guys,Your video was great. My family and I leave in 2 weeks to MSC Divina, where were those waterfalls you went to in Jamaica? That looks like an amazing place…

  26. Alessandro Ronchi

    Hero 4 silver or black?
    Very beautiful video, man!

  27. NotAnAverageLife

    Looks like an awesome trip! Great camera work and editing! Check out our trip to Missouri which includes flipping off a waterfall, zip lining through the forrest, a boat tour through the largest lake inside a cave in the world! Link is below! Let us know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXOKcYNjeEA

  28. istr8beast

    Amazing video! I’ll be on the Divina on the 11th of June. We are a younger couple also. Just really hoping that MSC will appeal to us. The parties on the ship seem a bit "dry", lol. Which GoPro Hero 4 model did you use for your trip?

  29. the best

    Amazing video ! I’ll be in the divina on 20th of August 😍


    going at xmas with my grown two boys 19 and 23  and the wife , really looking forward, great video mate

  31. Indharjeet Naidu

    Hey bro, what video compression or uploading software do you use? My gopro videos take ages to upload to youtube and facebook 🙁

  32. Linda Parsons

    We are three weeks away from our Divina cruise. ready to experience the "European " cruise style. Thanks for tour of the ship

  33. Jan Posselt

    Hello mate. Please did you use protune or dont? Thank you.

  34. Trey'Lon'Ta Phinizee

    I just got a gopro Hero 4 Silver today, Could you please tell me what exactly settings you used to film this to make it look super HD like you did?

  35. Monica Greco

    what’s the name of 2 song? 😍 great video ❤

  36. Nathalie Hernandez

    How long was it in New York for or are you originally from New York ?

  37. IcedLipGloss

    did you book all excursions in advance? im going on the same cruise in june

  38. Ricardo Cesar Juanicotena

    hola manuel, muy buen video el q has subido!!! te queria preguntar como se llama la excursion q hicieron a esas cascadas y piscinas naturales de jamaica? la contrataste directamente en el crucero o en el puerto? me podrias enviar el dato. gracias

  39. @filipcado

    Really nice video & beautiful places! If you got time over, please have a look at my holiday in Dubai! 🙂

  40. Antonio Mulas

    video veramente ben fatto , Mi Piace !!

  41. jeremie

    you made excursions with or without msc

  42. panzanegra spiagiata

    thanks for the video

  43. Vision Life Consultancy

    Looks awesome!
    just came back from Jamaica.
    check out some of our videos – thanks!

  44. Diane Caputi

    great video!!!

  45. Jo Ko

    Which waterfall is it at Jamaica? Is it hard to get there? Possible for 5 y old children? Nice video.

  46. Noémi

    What a beautiful weather at the Caribbeans!!😮🌞 Which month did you go?