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Important Backpacking Tips To Bring You Home Safe

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I’ve been on some pretty wild hiking trips. They’ve included not just the hiking part, over 10 miles of it, add some snow, rain, lightening and even a few rockslides thrown in there for some extra adventure! No doubt about it, trips out in the wilderness can be dangerous, even if you are prepared. But these tips will help you make it home with some great memories.

1. Know what you’re doing. If you just take along your compass but have no idea on how to even use it…what good is it…? Have any idea what to do if you see a bear or mountain lion..? Get some actual experience with your equipment and read a lot about other people’s experiences on the trail so you’re not clueless about what to do when things come up.

2. Compass and map.Yes you need to have both along.

3. A couple of lighters and some matches.Better have a few different ways to get a fire going, and keep them in different places so that if you lose one you’ll still have something to keep you warm and boil water or cook.It’s a lot safer to have more than one way to get a good fire going.

4. A good first aid kit.Make your own as you gain more experience with hiking and camping or buy one but make sure it has good quality products and that your stuff is well made.Make double sure that you have some pain killers, meds for any conditions you or your friends might have like diabetes, some disinfectant, bandages, band aids, notes on how to treat injuries etc.

5. Foot care items.Remember the moleskin, maybe even some duct tape if your shoes rub and a pin to treat those blisters that come up.You have to really take care of your feet when you’re miles away from civilization.

6. Water purification tabs or filter.A water filter works alright, but they can clog and break so often that you really should have a small bottle of iodine tablets or other water purification as a back up. You’ll be glad you did one day.

7. Rain Gear.One of the biggest killers of people in the woods is hypothermia, and it often starts when you get wet and can’t get dry or warm.You need to stay dry.

8. Shelter.This can be a simple or fancy tent or a tarp.Make sure that you know how to use everything and set it up before you get out there.

9. A sleeping bag. Down sleeping bags are the warmest of course, but be sure you know how to keep it dry, or bring a synthetic bag. You’ll be miserable if that gets wet and it weighs a ton to carry around.

10. Specific trip items. Remember Deet- it’ll save your sanity as well as protect you. Maybe sunblock. Maybe white scarf to keep wet and on your head or around your neck or under your hat to protect you from the sun. Portable cook stove..? Think about the specific conditions for the time and place of your trip so that you can tailor your items as much as possible.

Begin to craft your own list as you go on regular trips. And remember to take into consideration anything your friends might need as well. Just a little bit of careful planning will go a very long way to assure that everyone has a safe and happy hiking trip.

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