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INTERNATIONAL Travel Safety Tips (World Travel 2016)

INTERNATIONAL Travel Safety Tips (World Travel 2016)

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Essential Travel Safety Tips
Travelling to a foreign land is an incredibly fulfilling and enlightening experience which everybody should try at least once in their lives. And when travelling, it’s crucial you do what you can to ensure your safety as you leave your comfort zone and expand your horizons.
Stay safe on your next adventure with these Essential Travel Safety Tips.

1. Stay on floors four to six of a hotel.
2. Never flash the cash.
3. Prepare a “go-bag.”
4. Scan a copy of your important documents
5. Grab an extra business card from the front desk of your hotel.
6. Study up on the airline you’ll be flying with.
7. Visit tourist attractions at off-peak hours.
8. Carry your valuables in your front pocket.
9. Don’t use your first name when checking into a hotel.
10. Monitor your bank card activity.
11. Stay at hotels that restrict access to guest rooms.
12. Be careful using public Wi-Fi.

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