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The Bottom Line is a newly developed free to access website developed by Peninsula. It is also a quarterly published magazine by the same company which is distributed only to the clients of the firm. The first edition of the magazine was published in the year 1996 and since then the magazine has become more and more educating, entertaining and informative. As the magazine is mainly concerned with business and provides its readers with subject matters which are related with business. News, expert views and articles dealing with matters as to how to manage and deal company staffs in the volatile corporate environment is published time to time. Articles also deal with the health and safety, employment laws and the latest changes in government legislation.

The magazine is particularly special for the managers who are responsible for the health and safety or deal with the HR matters of the company. The magazine can be very helpful in providing a complete protection for the business and its associates as well. Sometimes complying with the health and safety requirements can be very tiresome and a time consuming task. This health and safety requirements sometimes places huge responsibility on the shoulders of the senior managers and the business owners. The Bottom Line to a certain extent helps the managers in solving out these problems. The health and safety services rendered by peninsula helps the managers in understand the problem in a better way enabling them to fulfill their obligations.

The firm is also engaged in providing value added services, systems and knowledge which will keep the clients one step ahead of the competition. The firm also provides round the cloak services to its clients. The clients can easily contact at any time of the day and any day of the year. The problem might be an urgent one or just a casual enquiry, all the problems will be solved at once. The essential services offered by the firm even supports the bespoke health and safety management systems. These systems are used for creating and helping the clients in implementing a legally compliant and safe work place as well as business.

Along with the health and safety services the firm also provides the clients various health and safety courses which aim at further developing the understanding and knowledge of the clients in the field. The firm also stands by the clients in case of legal proceeding against them. During legal proceedings the firm provides complete legal representation along with protection against the costs which has to be incurred. It ensures that the client gets out of the legal minefield without any loss. With the vast experience of 25 years at hand Peninsula will surely make the toughest of situation run smoothly for the clients. The wide network of the firm ensures that its clients are provided with spot solutions of their problems wherever they might be located. The tailor made solutions along with the risk management issues helps protect the clients against all kinds of risks.

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The 7 Best Cruise Lines for Couples

Whether you’re cruising for your honeymoon, an anniversary, or just taking a vacation for two, a cruise can be an ideal couples retreat. These seven lines have just enough peace and quiet for your next escape.

When you are selecting a backpack for yourself or your child it is highly recommended that you chose one that is the right size. A backpack that is oversized may carry all the things that you feel that they should but can cause you to have health problems. You are not a pack mule nor is your child. You can only carry so much weight before you find that you are having back problems, aching shoulders or perhaps severe headaches.

The backpack manufacturers suggest that you do not get a backpack that is larger than the person who is carrying it and stuff it completely full. You may need to only carry part of the items you need at a time and go back to your locker or vehicle to pick up other items as you need them later in the day. A backpack should only come down as far as your waist line not below nor should it exceed high above your head. Make sure that your backpack only goes to your shoulders. You should hold the backpack with your hands after you have filled it with the necessary items to check the weight making sure it is not too heavy for your back. If you find that you need to bend over or it is too much for you to hold then you should remove some of the items. Make yourself comfortable as you will be carrying your backpack all day long.

Protect yourself from future back, shoulder, and neck problems by keeping your backpack at a safe weight to carry. You need not try to overload and please do not ever try to carry more than one backpack at a time. You can carry an extra book or two in your hands or perhaps a side carrier with some clothes in your hands if they are not exceedingly heavy but never carry a large amount in your hands and on your back. Backpack safety is for your health now and in the future.

See what I think are the top 25 school bag backpacks on the market today, as well as more of my work all at FINDcollegecards.

Largest cruise ship in the world to set sail in 2018 from Miami

The Royal Caribbean is breaking its own record for the largest cruise ship ever built. The “Symphony of the Seas” is scheduled to make its first voyage from a new port in Miami in 2018. CBS News contributor Peter Greenberg joins CBSN with details.

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In 2005 Hostel Bekuo opened their doors and became, according to the Lonely Planet and many other guidebooks, “Costa Rica’s nicest hostel”. Today, unlike many hostels in San Jose, Bekuo is improving even more, and reinvesting in their business, making it easy to see why they are still the highest rated hostel in San Jose according to Hostelworld.com, as well as a host of other hosteling sites.

On my most recent visit to Bekuo, the newest upgrades to the hostel were easily noticeable; a new 50″ flat screen in the living room, a new Wii for the old 42″ flat screen, a Foosball table, some amazing lamps, as well as a fair amount of new art created by past guests and employees. I have always noticed the little things, and enjoyed them very much, that they do at Bekuo as well. For example, the employees actually live in the hostel, and they get up every morning to make breakfast for the guests. Not some milk and cereal, a pretty hardy breakfast of pancakes, fresh fruit, toast and jelly, coffee and tea. At nighttime, when things are winding down for the evening, lights are turned off in favor of candlelight throughout the house. The owners say this helps reduce electricity costs, and also discourages people from being loud at nighttime.

Bekuo has also been upgrading their mattresses as of late. The private rooms, in my experience, have always had great beds, and now the dorm rooms are getting high quality mattresses and covers to match. When I ask the owners how they can afford to make all of these improvements while charging only $ 12 a night for a dorm bed, they point out that the hostel isn’t their only income (Ramon is a veterinarian and Storm does design work), so they don’t need the income from the hostel to survive. They are also quick to point out that the hostel is basically home to them and their employees, and they wouldn’t want guests in their own home sleeping on an old, uncomfortable mattress and have nothing to keep them entertained. The owners even asked Hosteling International (HI) to remove Hostel Bekuo from their web page. HI is one of the largest hostelling organizations in the world, and were sending quite a few reservations to Bekuo, but according to Ramon and Storm, they weren’t sending the kind of backpackers they sought, and it made it really difficult to maintain a cool/relaxed atmosphere in the hostel with these guests.

It’s taken years for other hostels to start opening in San Jose. For the longest time, there was Toruma, Pangea and Backpackers. But today, there are a handful of higher end hostels like Hostel Bekuo, Mi Casa Hostel near La Sabana, and Hostel 1911 near La Clinica Biblica. Still, however, even these upper tier hostels fall short when compared to Bekuo. Other hostels that have opened in the last few years like Casa Yoses, Kabata, Tuanis, Tranquillo and a few more, have really fallen off in the quality area. It’s as if they have become too much of a burden for the owners, and their facilities continue to deteriorate, as opposed to improving.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in San Jose, Hostel Bekuo is the easy choice these days. If some of the other smaller hostels start following their lead, that may not be the case forever, but until they do, as they say at Bekuo, “If you’re paying $ 12 a night somewhere else, you’re getting screwed.”

Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=Storm_Richardson

What to Expect on Cruise Day and How to BE PREPARED and Ready

Cruise tips for first day boarding a cruise ship. Cruise help and cruise tips for first cruise with Carnival Cruise or any best cruise ship lines.

Budget Rental Car is a car rental company with the budget-minded renter in mind. In 1958, it was founded in Los Angeles by Morris Mirkin. Mirkin founded the company with a $ 10,000 investment. In 1959, Jules Lederer, a distant relative of Mirkin, became enamored with the concept and created a leasing company to help Mirkin grow his business and increase his fleet. In 1960, Lederer and Mirkin formed the Budget Rental Car Corporation in Chicago. The company began to grow rapidly, both nationally and internationally.

As an industry leader, they offer quality vehicles and a rental experience that is rewarding. It has almost 1,900 locations throughout the world. This success is undoubtedly due to the company’s ability to deliver a quality product on a consistent basis and provide the value and friendly service that keeps customers coming back.

They strive to provide great service at a great price. The company wishes to clearly demonstrate to its customers that they have received the best car rental value available. They promise to use new innovations and ideas in order to increase customer satisfaction and enhance service. It maintains focus on service and quality. The company has a strong focus on providing dependable and consistent service, and exceeding expectations, in order to foster loyalty amongst its customers.

They announced its initial public offering of 3.2 million shares in 1987. By 1992 Budget Rental Car moved its headquarters to Lisle, IL from its long-time downtown Chicago location. In 2003, they rolled out the “Budget Business Program”. This program offers a corporate discount and provides businesses with low corporate rates, no additional driver fees and complimentary Fastbreak service. They also launched “Budget Pride” in 2003 as well. This is a comprehensive employee motivation program. The company also partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) in 2003 to help promote its “Tie One On For Safety” program.

In 2004, it completed its upgrade on the Amadeus Global Distribution Systems, an industry approved system which provides travel agents with real-time access to its reservation system.

Cendent Car Rental Group, their parent company, was named “One of America’s Elite 11 Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises” in 2004 by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Budget Rental Car is dedicated to being a great place to work. The company strives to create a friendly and fun car rental experience for customers as well as employees. Budget Rental Car maintains a work environment that is upbeat, respectful and welcoming to all customers and employees. Budget Rental Car is committed to providing a safe, presentable and well-maintained work environment. In addition to these great qualities, Budget Rental Car shows caring for its communities by encouraging employees to become involved in civic and charitable activities. Budget Rental Cars is dedicated to assisting other people throughout the company as well as the community.

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CRUISE packing tips and hacks

In this video we give you all of our tips and hacks for packing for a cruise holiday. If there is anything we have missed please let us know in the comments! Watch out for our next video, next Sunday and please don’t forget to subscribe!

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Hanging Toiletry Bag: http://amzn.to/2kEbrQs

Alternatively, read our full cruise packing list here: http://honestcruising.com/advice-tips/cruise-packing-list/

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Known as the most English place, Christchurch – the garden city of New Zealand is a best place which can solve your plan of where to stay in. But you are wondering your accommodation that what types of place to book. Luckily, I suggest that booking in a bed and breakfast inn will be perfect way to have the comforts as you are in your home  with a fair few extra indulgences, and you can save time for discovery in this beautiful and wonderful city.


If you choose to stay close to the city, there is plenty to entertain you after you’ve enjoyed starting the day with some home baked goodies and local produce. With a goodbye wave to your host (who can help you find the places you really want to visit) you’ll be ready to explore the city. You can easily spend several days exploring the Arts centre, the fabulous Victorian architecture, the Botanical Gardens and Cathedral Square, where you can climb the tower in the Anglican Cathedral for a small fee and take in the view of the city. Once back down you can look at some of the fabulous art installations and select some food from one of the local food stalls or a cafe. For those people needing a little mental stimulation, try a chess game with the oversized public pieces. There are plenty of shops to purchase mementos for you to take home here as well.


Of course, if you want to venture further afield, there is nothing to stop you leaving your bed and breakfast in Christchurch and discovering a little more of Canterbury. Take a trip out to the French settlement of Akaroa, where you can take a cruise to watch dolphins, or Oxford where you can enjoy a day at Jo Seagar’s cooking school, and of course her famous fudge alongside a good coffee, before driving further west to the snowy mountains, or venture south to Geraldine to enjoy the fabulous food including jams, chocolates and amazing local cheese. Alternatively take a day jaunt through North Canterbury’s niche vineyards, stopping off at the Nor Wester for some great food and local wine or beer.


There is no shortage of things to do in the area. If you want to make sure you have the energy you’ll need to get through it all, it’s a good idea to book a good night’s sleep within comfortable and luxurious surroundings, which you are sure to find at a bed and breakfast in Christchurch, New Zealand.


The New Zealand Bed & Breakfast Book is NZ’s foremost B&B guide, with nearly 1400 listings. Its popularity is not only a reflection of changing holiday trends but a response by New Zealanders to open their homes and share their experiences with travellers. The NZ Bed & Breakfast Book is not just an accommodation guide it is an introduction to a uniquely New Zealand holiday experience. Find Bed and Breakfast – Inns in Christchurch

BIGGEST Norwegian Ships – NCL Norwegian Getaway Breakaway Epic Norwegian Escape Cruise

BIGGEST Norwegian Ships – NCL Norwegian Getaway Breakaway Epic Norwegian Escape Cruise

Top 6 Airplanes 2017 (BIGGEST AIRPLANES)


Biggest Airplanes Antonov vs Airbus vs Boeing – Largest In The World

Longest Airplanes in the World – Airbus – Boeing – Lockheed – Antonov Part 2


Norwegian Getaway – length : 1,068.4 ft (325.65 m)

Norwegian Breakaway – length : 1,068.4 ft (325.64 m)

Norwegian Epic – length : 1,081 ft (329.5 m)

Norwegian Escape – length : 1,069 ft (325.9 m)


Thanks to Norwegian Cruise Line : https://www.ncl.com/


BIGGEST Norwegian Ships – NCL Norwegian Getaway Breakaway Epic Norwegian Escape Cruise for kids.