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Egypt is the land of first great civilization, the pyramids, the minarets, the Nile, the scope of Egypt is very magnificent.

Best time to fly

The cheap flights to Egypt can be anytime of the year depending on the location to be visited. The cheap flights ofEgypt are also dependent on the season of the year. It is possible to get cheaper deals to airports serving resorts. The native Egypt flights are Egypt air. In addition to Egypt flights there are also agencies availing Egypt airline tickets. There are many direct flight offices and travel agents and websites offering cheap airlines tickets toEgypt. The last minute flights to Egypt are also cheaper.

Best time to travel

The best time to visit Egypt is winter [December to February] and summer [June to August] is low season in parts of country and to lesser degree in Cairo. Summer is hot roaring 40 C but still tourists visit Alexandria coasts or red sea. At winters, Luxor is pleasant, Cairo is not comfortable, Alexandria is subjected to frequent down pours an Sinai beaches are too chilly. The happiest for all Egypt visit is spring i.e. March to May and Autumn i.e. September to November.


Egypt’s climate is hot and dry with exception of winter months of December, January and February. Average temperate is from 20 ̊C on Mediterranean coast to 26 ̊C in Aswan, maximum temperature at some places go upto 31 ̊C and 50 ̊C respectively. At night temperature is as low as 8 ̊C in Cairo and along Mediterranean coast.Alexandria receives most rain, between March and April; the sky becomes dark orange and chokes up with dust.


The legendary pyramids are tips of archaeological iceberg. Different cultural dynasties have embraced the architectural wealth of Egypt. Cairo is a medieval core; Luxor is site of ancients and is lined with opulent burial chambers and most formidable monuments in all antiquity. Further, south of Aswan have temples with powers of archaic Gods and omnipotent pharaohs. Egypt’s ocean of sand is stretching to Sahara with green solitary islands. The deep crystal water is of red sea is brilliant in coral surrounded by aquatic underwater life. Explore mountain wilderness of Sinai, take luxurious Nile Cruise and travel from Pyramids tot Petra.

Getting in and around

No trip is complete without a trips done Nile River, bus services is in every city town and village rates are comparable to second class train tickets. With many buses operating the routes have become uncomfortable. Driving in Cairo is a crazy affair; avoid intercity driving at night its better to have 4 WD. Motorcycle is an ideal way to travel around Egypt. Petrol and diesel are readily available. Several international car hire agencies like Avis and Hertz are there and local transports are microbus and pick up trucks. The trains have access to major cities and towns of Egypt.






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Tipping Room Service, Keyless Embarkation, and Booking a Future Cruise

Check out easy cruise search here: https://cruiseline.com?utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=cttv Hey cruisers, in this vlog we start things off with questions about tipping room service, keyless embarkation, and booking a future cruise. In our video about ordering room service on our Carnival cruise, we mentioned tipping for room service. That caught the attention of one of our subscribers that asked if tipping room service on cruise ships is customary since gratuities are already being adding to your daily bill. Also, Carnival has recently started rolling out a new keyless embarkation program, and some cruisers are concerned about security and exactly how the replacement for the Carnival keycard will work. Does it make sense to take advantage of cruise lines future cruise deals? Is it wise to talk to a future cruise consultant on a cruise, and what are the future cruise benefits? These are some of the terrific cruise questions we cover in this week’s vlog. We also briefly talk about dressing for formal night on a cruise, booking an inside cabin (and how dark it gets), age restrictions for Zumba on a cruise, sea sickness bands, and do cruisers still decorate their doors?

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Family vacations have changed over the years. The family trip has gone from local trips, to cross country in a car, and now family trips to various places around the world. The best aspect of a family vacation is the time you spend with your family, after all, you will make many memories on each trip you take. That brings to question, where are some good family destinations?

A great family getaway is a national park. There are many ways to enjoy national parks these days. Camping in the park is usually the most cost effective and can make for some great stories. If you are not one for camping, there are usually nice cabins or hotels located within or near a national park. Most national parks have one thing in common: natural beauty. The breathtaking vistas and natural landscapes make for amazing hikes or drives. The entrance fee to a national park can be for a day or you can purchase one that will last the entire year. In the summer of 2009, there have been a number of weekends where the entrance fee has been waived.

Another great family vacation is to a theme park. There are theme parks in various parts of the United States. Depending on the state, you can purchase a state or city activity pass that allows you cheaper entrance into major attractions or parks. It might be good for multiple entrances into a park. There are usually on site hotels, but cheaper options are always available around the area. While in the area, there are usually great museums and parks that are free for families to enjoy.

A cruise might be another good option. There are cruises that cater to families and have activities on board for every age and interest. Meals are included and it is a fun way to go around and see various parts of the world, as well as entertain the family with fun activities and good food. If you get scuba certified, often you can scuba or snorkel at some of the areas that you visit with your family.

Family vacations are great times and great fun for every member. Take the time to research and decide where you are going to go and visit. Set a budget and remember to take a camera and buy some great souvenirs. If money is tight, buy some toys or other objects that match the place you are visiting and give them to your children as a gift after you visit. They will think it is from the place you went and will remember it.

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New Cruise Ships 2018

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In the times we live in, it’s difficult to decorate our homes the way we’d like without going over budget. But you don’t have to be rich to have a nice home. If you are creative and have fun home decor ideas, there are ways to achieve the look you want without breaking the bank.

Another thing to remember is that your home decor can increase the value of your home by a lot. You don’t have to put a lot of money into it, either. Some of the smallest changes and improvements can have a large impact on your home’s value and appeal. Plus, it can make you feel better to spend your time in a house that’s decorated the way you like.

Here are three great ways to decorate your home on a budget:

Shop in the right season
Look for good investments and deals
Look for overstock items

When you shop in the right season, you can save a ton of money. Check with the stores and find out when they do inventory counts and when they switch out items for new seasons. This is when things are most likely to be on sale or when the stores will liquidate a large number of items to make room and save time. This is when you want to jump in on a deal to get more for less.

On that same note, it’s important to keep an eye out for good investments and deals. It’s not just about buying the cheapest items around. Sometimes paying more might be worth it. One example is if you get bulk items or sets of items for a bulk price, use what you need and want and then resell the rest to make a profit. A smart shopper could end up making more for the excess than they paid for the entire thing originally. You can decorate your home and make money at the same time!

Lastly, remember to look for overstock items. You can almost always save a large amount of money by purchasing overstock items. Check smaller stores in your area or search online for overstock deals to see the many ways that you can save.

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Carnival Cruise Vacation 2016

This video is about Carnival Cruise Vacation 2016

London is the capital of England and United Kingdom. It is the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and the largest urban zone in the European Union. A centre for events of national and international importance, there is always something new happening and to discover for those residing here and also on a visit to London. The city has the famous Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey, the Big Ben and the River Thames. It is biggest financial center in the world and a hub of financial activity, politics and political events. It is also a cultural hub with the Tower Museum, a highly developed theatre activity at the London Theatre, opera and literary activities. The glamour of the fashion world is also at its zenith with perfect jaunts in the Oxford Street and Camden. There is a lot more to explore by availing the services of car hire London. In a hired car the tourist may go to visit Brighton, Stonehenge and Stratford-upon- Avon from London. Car rental is the best way to travel in and around the city.

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Car hire London is easily booked and are offered at affordable rentals with many discounts available from time to time. For instance there are concessions for students, discounts on extended weekend. After checking the credentials of the hirer, like the passport and driving license etc., the keys of the chosen car is handed over. If required a second driver, well insured, a valid license bearer, is arranged for. The hirer undertakes a trip in perfect comfort with an easy mind.

From making bookings to final billing the entire paper work is done at the outlets of the car hire company. They spell out the terms of payment to be made; grace period permitted, and details of insurance and taxes clearly, to avoid any possibility of a dispute later. The cars are hired out on daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the need of the hirer. They are even leased out to the renter if required for a longer duration. Additional facilities like 24 hours road support, and medical support are offered to make the travel trouble free and enjoyable by car hire London


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Clothes To Take On A Cruise

Hi! Here is what I’m taking on my cruise. I’ve included what I’m wearing during the day and what I’ll be wearing at dinner. I’ve included shoes and jewelry too! Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!
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You don’t have to spend a fortune to host a giveaway event to promote your company or blog. There are many cheap ideas for giveaways that come well within the budget and at the same time can still draw traffic to your site. When deciding on the giveaways item, think of something that can fulfill a small need than things that are of little of no value to the average person. Here are some smart giveaway ideas within budget.

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Disney Magic Cruise Ship Storm – Force 10? Storm

There’s a model of this ship on Lego Ideas! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/128153

We were told this was a Force 10 Storm in the mediterranean (between france and spain). Video starts on deck 10 (turned over chair), then deck 9 (loud wind), then forward on deck 9 from the gym. Big wave at 1:45. Then back to deck 4. Taken over a few hours, so sometimes the storm’s worse than other times. We were told waves of 20 feet or so, however several of “us” felt they were higher. 60 mph winds or so.

Note that during the wave part, the camera was sitting at an angle on a windowsill, so the leaning of the ship is exaggerated a bit. (The ship was heeling because of the wind).

The Google Maps applet here seems to be broken, not recording the location very well. It was in the Med about 1/2 way between Villafranche (near Nice), France, and Barcelona, Spain. The Captain turned to shore so we’d have smoother conditions. (Storm’s wind over distance makes waves, that’s called “fetch”, the longer the fetch, the bigger the waves, so moving closer to land can reduce the size of the waves, if the land’s upwind of you).

I thought I should point out that lots of this was taken on deck 9. Deck 10 at the beginning. That’s pretty far above the water. I’ve taken bad storms before and you could never make out the waves on video. The fact that we’re like 80 feet above the water should be a clue 🙂

Also watch the top of the pole on the bow bounce up & down with the waves. It was kind of like riding a really fast elevator when I was taking this (wondering how wise it is to be sitting in a gym on a treadmill when it’s bouncing all over the place.

Taken by me (Shawn).

Also see this in ship panama canal lock time lapse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFuJUDMDq7I