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With today’s economy, I am being asked more than usual, what I think about “Gap Years”. For parents who are hearing this term for the first time, a gap year is taking a year off before continuing school or looking for a job. So both graduates of High School and graduates of college are taking gap years.

Gap years have been common practice in Europe and Australia. As I have lived and traveled all over the world, I often run into young people taking a gap year. It is an amazing life experience if it is used for just that, an experience.

After high school, a gap year allows the new graduate time for maturity. Some kids know exactly what they want to do and they are eager to get on with it. For them, it is best to go with this enthusiasm and start their college experience. The kiddo that does not know what they want to do, has no clear direction or interest, may find some answers during this time.

As I have previously blogged, schools like Princeton and Harvard are encouraging gap years. They even have a specific program that admits students and holds their place while they spend a year performing a public service. What the student gains is a maturity and a vision of a bigger world.

Getting accepted to college is just the beginning of a journey. We want to get our kids across that finish line called college graduation and according to the College Board 30% of the Freshman will not return for their sophomore year. It is all about being ready for college and also wanting to be there.

So, for some students who aren’t quite ready for college, taking a year off, may give them the time they need to mature, make some money, travel and experience something outside their community. This is a good thing. It allows everyone to have more time to be prepared and to get their finances in order.

With the price of tuition and college expenses, why take the gamble when you know your student is not ready. It is a good option. Discuss this with your graduate because a gap year needs to be a productive year. Ask your student to come up with a plan and then sit down and discuss it.

For the college graduate, a gap year is taking a year off before looking for a job or continuing on to Graduate School. When unemployment is high and competition is fierce to say the least, this may be a great idea. Many graduates do not have practical skills and life experiences and there are many activities that can provide these growth experiences. For some graduates, they have had their heads down in a book since preschool and they have worked hard. This is a year to recharge and get their life in focus.

Employers look at applicants that stand out from the group. A gap year enhances a profile. It shows employers that the graduate is more than just a student. It also makes the applicant someone that is interesting. Often someone that has travel extensively is confident, and responsible. These are skills that come from surviving in different cultures or different situations.

Options for a gap year include internships, volunteer work, apprenticeships, training programs and the favorite is travel. Many graduates plan out an around the world trip with an around the world ticket. They pack light and just go with their Lonely Planets.

Volunteer experiences include working through Americorps with Habitat for Humanity. These kinds of experiences lead to friendships that last a life time. A graduate does not have to leave the country to have a life altering experience. They can find an experience right here in their home country.

The gap year experience is the completion of a full education. There is more to an education than what is learned in the classroom.

Sending your student off to college?


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Planning a budgeted honeymoon is a must when money is the most important factor for a lot of the newly married couples. Flexibility and creativity is the key to Pandora’s Box brimming with usable and effective saving money ideas. If you insist on staying in a over the water bungalow in Bora Bora, the price tag will too match that, no matter if you decide to travel off season. You surely don’t want to return from your honeymoon with thousand of dollars in debt. Think cheap and plan ahead!

There is a plethora of beautiful and exotically located resorts all over the place. A very effective saving money idea would be to ideally look for a local, secluded resort within a few hours drive of your wedding. By doing this, you would be saving tantamount spent on airline tickets but simultaneously enjoy the luxury of a 4 or 5 star hotel. The three requisites that need to be taken into account while mapping a honeymoon are the location, time of the year and your preferred honeymoon destination. If you are looking at a tropical honeymoon, choose a destination that will call for a 4-6 hour flight instead of a 10 plus hour’s journey flight.

Another one of the exciting saving money idea, would be to typically travel during the off season, particularly when you have a particular destination in mind. Most hotels offer significantly lower prices during off season reason being that the weather isn’t at its best behavior during such times.

Asking for your honeymoon as a wedding present or by building a honeymoon registry, where the expense can be divided among the many guests is a saving money idea that must be tapped. Scanning ads and internet based services that display lucrative offers and deals on rooms, airfare, and wedding packages can dramatically minimize your honeymoon budget. Many couples tend to over spend owing to the unexpected expenses or the cost of food or drinks once they arrive to their hotel. This can lead to unbridled stress to your honeymoon. To relieve yourself and beloved spouse, would be apply the wise saving money idea of choosing an all inclusive that includes everything from water, food to alcohol. An exciting, exotic and one of a kind experience honey moon would be to find an isolated, secluded camping site to enjoy the magnificence and grandeur of an outdoor, romantic honeymoon. An inexpensive getaway and an awe inspiring way of being with each other, camping honeymoons are a sure fire saving money idea ensuring that you do not dig too deep into your bank account.

So don’t you think that this time of recession is the best time to take action? Yeah, I think so too…so start using our saving money ideas and move on to prosperity!

Around the World Cruise in 180 Days | Insignia | January 6, 2017

Reservations now open for Around the World 2017. Departing Miami on January 6, 2017, Insignia’s route will take guests from the southern Caribbean and Pacific Riviera to the Hawaiian Islands and French Polynesia, continuing on to some of Australia and New Zealand’s most renowned destinations including Auckland, the Milford Sound, Sydney and Cairns. Arriving in Asia, the sweeping itinerary features several overnight stays, including Bali, Hong Kong, Ha Long Bay, Singapore and Mumbai, along with a two-night stay in Rangoon (Yangon). After overnights in Egypt and Israel, guests will visit several favorites along the Mediterranean such as Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon and Bordeaux before crossing the high seas. Approaching Canada, Insignia calls on Corner Brook, Montreal, and Quebec, along with a new port, Sept-Îles, and then heads south, visiting a few classic New England ports before eventually returning to Miami, completing this 180-day voyage of a lifetime.

I’m sure there are people out there completely fed up with the “Green” movement. Probably more of them every day due to the great bombarding of “green” ads we find on TV, in magazines, online, etc. I’m sure the ultra geeky green heads are just reveling in the coverage and still more of us are somewhere between the two fronts watching and learning. I happen to like the ads and am fascinated by the large corporations moving more “green”. I like the ads, the ways they act like they’ve been “green” all along. I don’t mind though, whatever it takes to move us to a cleaner and safer environment.

I’ll stop right there, for this isn’t a call to arms, a political piece or a lambasting of the corporate structure in the US. This is a short tip-sheet to help those that want to be green vacationers be a little more green on their vacations. This is about whitewater rafting with a lighter environmental footprint.

1. As an outfitter I cannot count the number of times I see friends, driving from the same location/neighborhood arrive in a caravan of vehicles. There are a variety of valid reasons to drive separately but on more than one occasion carpooling would have been an eco-friendly option. If you have a big group of folks coming rafting, looking into busing. Some of the rafting companies can get you great rates with a bus company. For example, last year, for groups of 44 or less, I had a luxury bus line ready to provide round trip passage from Southern California for as little as $ 36 per person. This is a great option. You’re traveling with friends, there are DVD players on the bus, a bathroom and someone else is doing the driving. This is a nice carbon footprint reducing measure.

2. Cook with propane. If you have the ability to use a propane barbecue rather than charcoal, do so. Propane burns cleaner. This is a tough one, the taste of charred cooking is so good… There’s talk of the stuff coming off the charcoal not being good for your health either, so, you now have two reasons to reconsidered charcoal.

3. Since you must wear sunblock, look for all natural, organic sunblocks that avoid: PABA, octinoxate, oxybenzone, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor and the preservative butylparaben. Studies are showing the sunblock we wear is killing coral reefs in the ocean. While there’s no coral in the river, it can’t be bad to avoid using the stuff, bad is bad, right? One recent study claimed some 6-million gallons of sunblock are washed into our oceans annually!

4. If you’re really into watersports that require a personal flotation device, then you might wish to look to Astral They use a more environmentally friendly foam in their vests. They’re one of the top vests made as well. So, you get to be environmentally cutting edge and cutting edge in your outdoor equipment as well.

5. Shop locally, shop organically. Have you gone organic yet? We have at my home. When you do, here’s something you’ll learn very quickly, food spoils far faster. For us, we paused, scratched our heads and asked, what the heck is in the other food that lets it last so darn long? Buying organic for the most part means your foods have traveled less distance to get to you and thus have a smaller carbon footprint. In many cases the products used to grow the foods is far better for the earth, the animals are treated better, raised more closely to life in the wild, etc.

6. To show you just how easy this baby-steps to Green program is… you’re already Greener than many vacation options simply by choosing to raft. Rafting is pretty Green. There is no motor on the raft, no emissions but panting paddlers.

7. Actress Rachel McAdams has a serious Green website, Green Is Sexy, one of the links the site is promoting this week is for a company that sells semi-designer glass bottles, Love Bottle Employing a reusable water container is a good call, be it metal or glass, make the investment. We know it’s important to get your hydration on, very important. Out of convenience and hygiene many whitewater rafting companies switched to throw away plastic water bottles. Oh, it is convenient too! But, this practice creates a lot of waste in both the number of bottles lost overboard and in the empties that get thrown away. Switching to metal or even glass bottles can be a great compromise. For me, nothing tastes as good as coming out of glass.

Well, that’s it. I hope these quick point were of benefit to you, gave you something to consider. There are many new sites and older sites gaining exposure as this Green explosion is underway. It’s impossible to be carbon neutral all the time but if enough of us make doable strides towards mitigating our negative impact we can make a significant difference. So, while it’s here, don’t hate, try to enjoy the Green race and do what’s comfortable for you.

See you on the river!

Christopher Pyle is the owner/director of adventure summer camp and whitewater rafting company in Northern California. His entire company philosophy focuses on creating the safest and most encouraging environments for campers and rafters alike. We focus on TEAM, we focus on KINDNESS, we focus on SAFETY, we focus on personal EMPOWERMENT, we focus on COMMUNITY, we focus on SUPPORT. We’re family run, family oriented and wanting to share our place with you.

Spring & Summer Outfit Ideas + Mini Target Haul | Cruise or Vacation Wear | Wardrobe Wednesday!

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Visiting India can be a heady experience if the vacation is well-planned. While it is not necessary to have an experience of past visits to the country, a service that provides you information on the country, places to visit, places to stay, how to travel etc will help a lot.

One of the most important parts of holidaying is booking the right hotel, because you see, it becomes your home away from home for the duration of your stay.

Gathering information about booking the right hotel might need some observation, and some thought. There are plenty of deluxe hotels in Delhi if tag is your criteria, but those that offer equally impressive facilities are lesser in number.

The hotels that are excellent and rate high on the hospitality factor are numbered. However an experienced input from a good and reliable operator can help you select the right place. An equally worthy option can be the feedback from a native of India, and Delhi preferably, as the capital is the natural center of India tour.

If you already know the right place, then the only thing that you need to do is to get it booked. Usually it is difficult it reserve a room in a hotel if you are traveling from abroad, unless you want to visit the very top of the list hotels. However tour operators can do this for you.

You may also specify your requirement and your budget and let the tour operator choose the right place for you.

If you are choosing yourself then go according to your tastes and preferences rather than by a brand name. If solitude and peace is the watchword then deluxe hotels with discos as the main theme are a big no-no. Similarly, for those looking forward to a happening night life can do better to opt out of scenic resorts playing high upon their peaceful location.

When the whole family is out vacationing, hotels excelling in stud bars are ruled out. And with children along, special care is needed to keep them entertained and keep their energy well utilized in places of family outings. While kids need to be taken care of in foreign locations, it is very necessary to schedule the tour in a way that the little ones are not exhausted. So the tour would need to be dotted with frequent rejuvenating breaks involving fun and frolic.

For couples the options are unlimited and limitations lesser in comparison. So, choose according to individual tastes, and opting for the best hotels is always wiser, as it results in memories that can last a lifetime.

You can reserve your hotel booking at reasonable price that make your India trip a most memorable and book your luxurious and deluxe hotel in Delhi only one click that covers all over the India. Getting more info visit: http://www.nriservicesindia.net

Top 10 Most Popular Cruise Ships In The World

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Liverpool is a highly developed metropolitan city of England. It was known to be a maritime mercantile city and was the registry port of Titanic. In the 19th century it flourished as a commercial port with 40% of the world sea trade touching this port. The popularity of Beatles and other groups have attracted tourists a great deal. The city was bestowed the title of European Capital of Culture in 2008.Many areas in the city have been declared to be World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is the only British city to have its own Whitehall office. It was also described as the New York of Europe. It saw the opening of the first provincial air port in England and the words first elevated electrified railway came up here. It has been a pioneer in many fields and was awarded blue plaques by the English Heritage the contribution of its sons and daughters in various fields. No wonder the city attracts millions of tourists every year either on business or on leisure. They are transported to places in Liverpool and cities and towns around it in car hire liverpool.
car hire liverpool maintains a large fleet of a variety of cars. Compact cars to large vans, ordinary economy vehicles to luxury deluxe cars with special seats for children and physically handicapped, luggage racks, music system, air conditioning, direct transmission and navigation facilities. All segments of its visitors avail rental car rental facilities by making prior bookings on line or on telephone. For providing excellent service to the client, their offices are judiciously staffed by competent personnel, handling various aspects of car hire business.
From booking of vehicles to be hired, cancellations, checking the passengers credentials, like the passport and driving license etc. are part of the primary verifications to be done. They ensure that the hirer is qualified to hire a car. Maintenance of vehicles in running condition, fuelling and refueling of them, providing a second driver and the vehicle at the scheduled time and place is important. The rentals are cheap and economical with discounts and concessions offered from time to time. It is extremely convenient for the traveler to plan his trip. Vehicles are rented out on daily, weekly and monthly basis or leased out. The entire paper work from booking to billing is done by the rental offices.
Car hire liverpool has been instrumental in augmenting tourism. Their services are popularly availed as the hirer is not only comfortable travelling in these carriages, but is also fully secured by a comprehensive insurance. This provides financial security and mental peace to the passenger, who is able to enjoy his trip with a care free mind. For decades these car hire facilities are available offering best of facilities. The latest are 24 hours emergency support on the road. The hirer enjoys his travel in comfort and luxury.

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Singles Caribbean Cruise Part 1

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Allure of the Seas®, the newest ship in Royal Caribbean’s awe-inspiring Oasis® class, is a captivating adventure unlike any other. Explore seven distinct neighborhoods filled with awesome new features —like the first Starbucks® at sea, Broadway hit musical Chicago in the main theater, and favorite moments with Shrek, Po the panda, and more friends as part of the DreamWorks® Experience.

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