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While Bangkok was very long ago a small trading center and port community on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, today it has become the economic centre of Thailand. With its magnificent palaces, spectacular temples, the floating market, Bangkok holds the promise of an amazing experience for tourists.


1. Grand Palace and Wat Prakaew are the most popular ones. This palace houses the Temple of the Emerald Buddha or Phra Kaew Morakot that dates back to the 14th century. Carved from a single block of emerald, the statue of Buddha is highly revered among the natives. The robes adorning Buddha are changed by the King of Thailand and this event is an important ritual for the Buddhists. Visitors to this place are expected to dress suitably in clothes that do not show their arms, legs and feet. Tourists who prefer to stay close to this palace can choose from one of the many Bangkok hotels located near the palace.


2. Wat Arun is another place of spiritual significance in Bangkok is Wat Arun. Known as the temple of dawn, Wat Arun’s towering spires is one of the most acknowledged temple landmarks of Southeast Asia. This temple was built in the ancient Khmer style during the reign of King Rama II in the 19th century. The Stupa or ‘Prang’ in Thai, with its ornate floral pattern decorated with glazed porcelain is a sight to behold. Though referred to as the temple of dawn, this spiritual centre is most beautiful and best witnessed during sunset.


3. Chinatown in Bangkok is another must-visit site for all visiting tourists. A market area with probably the highest number of gold shops in the city, Chinatown is chaotic yet an exotic place to visit. Populated with Chinese immigrants, this place once known for its   illicit pleasures is now revered as a cultural hot spot. The brothels, opium dens and gambling joints have been long replaced by innumerable restaurants and shops selling great food, fabric and gold. A stroll through the narrow alleys in Chinatown can be a rewarding experience as it offers a glimpse in to the age old Chinese traditions and celebrations. Chinatown houses many of discount Bangkok hotels that offer a homely experience to its   tourists.


4. Floating markets: Tourists can visit the floating markets to enjoy a unique shopping experience. Of the many floating markets, the Damnoen Saduak is most popular. Many wooden boats can be seen selling farm fresh tropical fruits, vegetables, flowers and fresh food that is cooked in the floating boat itself. This place still preserves the old culture and way of life that existed before the wave of global consumerism hit the world.


5. Wat Pho: A place of interest for tourists to learn a bit of history is the Wat Pho. Wat Pho houses an amazing collection of murals, inscriptions and sculptures of Bangkok.


6. Jim Thompson’s House and Museum has a huge collection of Thai art and antiques on display and are a delight for visitors who are interested in antiquing.


7. Siam Paragon gives tourists the rare opportunity to experience the ocean like never before, and explore more than 30,000 underwater species in its underground aquarium.


8. The Crocodile Farm has fresh and seawater crocodiles and numerous other animals. There is a dinosaur museum with life size skeletons. This place is one of the largest crocodile breeding centres of the world.


9. National Museum: Constructed in 1782, the National Museum in Bangkok has a huge collection of relics of the Thai culture. The different exhibits are displayed in three separate sections as per the historical periods they relate to, and the personal belongings of the royal family which are on display are quite popular among the visiting tourists.


10. The Ancient City is the world’s largest outdoor museum and presents the whole of Thailand at a glance.  Build across an area of 280 acres; it has huge replicas of important temples, buildings and monuments of Thailand, preserving and presenting the true Thai culture and heritage.


With so many options and places to see, Bangkok leaves its visitors with a holiday packed with memorable sights and experiences. The many hotels in Bangkok welcome visitors from world over, providing a range of services as preferred by the different tourists.






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The Best European Cruise Lines

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York is a walled city situated at the confluence of River Quse and Foss.It’s location is strategic as it lies at the midpoint between London and Edinburgh. For this reason it has been the stage for many major political upheavals and events. It enjoys the status of a heritage city. Proud of its rich historical glory the city has developed to be a major industrial and commercial center in England. It is endowed with all the attributes required to make it a tourist attraction and consequently it ranks 13th among the most visited cities of the world. It is known for its health services, University of York, sports venues and ancient British architecture exhibited in its palaces and cathedrals. With so much to offer to its tourists who visit York either on business or on leisure, car hire York provides efficient transport facilities to them to accomplish their purpose of visit.

Car hire York plays a pivotal role in offering road transport by maintaining a large fleet of well maintained cars of a stupendous variety catering to the needs of all segments of travelers. They are Economy Collection, Executive Collection, Fun Collection, Green Collection and Prestige Collection. Thus from compact to convertibles and vans, buses and transit vehicles, all are there for the tourist to choose from. One can realize the dream of traveling in utter luxury by hiring BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Audi, Volvo or a Jaguar. These vehicles are air conditioned with facilities of navigation, direct transmission and special seats for children and physically handicapped, luggage racks, skiing kits and ropes etc. These gorgeous vehicles can be easily booked on line, with ready quotes available.

There are outlets of car hire York with a highly competent staff to take of all aspects of car rentals. Their job is to make bookings, check the credentials of the tourist to ascertain if the eligibility criterion for being a hirer is fulfilled. After completing the verification they hand over the keys of the chosen car to the hirer. In York the age criterion is different from other places. To encourage youngsters to drive they have reduced the minimum age of a driver to be only 19 years. At other places it is either 21years, 23 years or 25 years with a year old valid license. Right from booking to billing these offices undertake the responsibility of a trouble free comfortable travel for the traveler.

The rentals are affordable and made more attractive with discounts offered at regular intervals. Rentals are inclusive of insurance charges, cleaning charges; sometimes parking charges also are included. A little extra may be charged for availing special facilities like computer connection and mobile phones. By and large the rentals are in consonance with the paying capacity of the renter.

Car hire York is in constant endeavor to make the travel of their hirer safe, care free and an enjoyable experience with 24 hours road support and medical support available.

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Cruise Holiday Part 1🛳 | Vlogiday 2017

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True to its slogan: “When you fly with us, You’ll feel as if you never left home,” Malaysia Airlines has prided itself as being one of the prime choice for booking flights to and from Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines booking is fast, convenient, and user-friendly.

The most convenient method to book a flight with Malaysia Airlines is to go through their website, www.malaysiaairlines.com. From the website, you can choose to book a flight, check flight timings, and find out more about their travel services and other pieces of information.

If you want to book a flight online, all you have to do is to click the BOOK NOW button just below the Book a Flight tab. The window will then lead you to a new page, which indicates the Flight Requirements.

In this window you will need to choose if you are flying one-way or round trip. After which, you will indicate your place of origin and your place of destination opposite the dates to correspond accordingly to the departure and arrival to and from the destination and origin.

Next field that you have to fill in is the flight classification that you want to travel. The categories that are divided into four categories are as follow: Economy Class, Economy Plus Class, Business Class and First Class. You will also need to choose your desired currency that you will use to arrange for your payment.

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If you are not comfortable in placing your bookings online, you also have the option of placing your Malaysia Airlines booking through their 24-hour Call Center. For those who are booking from inside Malaysia, you can dial the following numbers: 1 300 88 3000. Those who are booking from outside Malaysia, on the other hand, you can dial the numbers: + 603 7843 3000.

Aside from having the features of booking conveniently through either of the methods mentioned above, you can also choose your meals, book your preferred hotels, avail of medical care while traveling and know the other information and services relating to your flights both through online or their call center hotline.

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10 Cruising Safety Tips What NOT to do on a Cruise

Cruise Safety Tips and What Not to do on a Cruise Ship. Cruise Help Advice Tips Tricks for Carnival Royal Caribbean and other Cruises

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Nowadays, people who love to travel prefer going on a cruise over flying to and from a country and having a road trip. For this matter, they should have an idea on how to find top Carnival cruise deals they could ever get. Deals that are being offered on line would allow then to avail of a very big discount resulting to them having more savings for their next vacation. Cruising is indeed fun. Adults, teens and children would love to go cruising. Cruising requires no minimum or maximum age. All age groups are being catered by the ship through preparing activities that they could partake and enjoy.

Family dining, swimming, viewing the ocean in the viewing lounge or directly from your room and off shore excursions are just some of the things the entire family could enjoy. Excursions particularly contribute mainly to the excitement when having a cruise. These family oriented activities have made tourists draw attention to cruising. To be able to experience these stuffs, you should first be able to get hold of a Carnival cruise deals that would fit your budget and preferences. If you really are into planning your dream vacation, then you wouldn’t mind doing a thorough search to finally obtain that ticket.

Before anything else, you should be able to have an idea on the Carnival cruise deals available by going to Carnival cruise’s website. It is there that the various destinations and cruise’s schedule are posted for reference of the tourists. From among the hundreds of available destinations and dates, choose the one cruise that you like the most. The special offers page would then come into view where you pick an offered Carnival cruise deals. These deals can be seen as well in other specialized travel sites as an additional suggestion. Yet, the best deals are found only on their official site and much more are cheaper cruise updates.

The problem with the other affiliate sites is the hidden charges they sometimes have. Instead of paying less, you might find yourself paying much more than the actual cost. Also, meals may not be included in their packages as compared to when booking directly to their site. For you to avoid problems like this, check first if it all the essential features offered come in one price. This will save you from spending too much of your budget.

This next step in finding great Carnival cruise deals involve taking the time in going to your local travel agent. Most travel agencies have access to the most up to date discounts and will be able to help you land a better package. They would definitely consider your budget when finding a deal for you. Last minute Carnival cruise deals can also be arranged and purchased by way of your travel agent. Also, they do have special Carnival cruise deals offering that are especially for them. They certainly do give a lot of discounts that would enable you to save more.

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Carnival Spirit cruise holiday – 10 days in 10 minutes.

So, whats it like on a Carnival Spirit Cruise? Well here is a video of our family’s recent South Pacific cruise on the Carnival Spirit Cruise ship. It was a 10 night cruise that went from Sydney to Vila, Mystery Island, Lifou and Noumea.

There is no shortage of car rental companies to choose from, and many cities have dozens. It’s important to first know what they have to offer and what rates they can offer you when trying to pick the best one. Typically advanced reservations will save you incomparison with last minute shopping. Keep reading for some great suggestion for shopping your next rental car.

Do your homework, compare what you are shopping for. You won’t get the best rate by renting from the first one you come across. The difference between rates and prices of the competing agencies in your town are easy to find when you call a few of them. One company might be offering a special promotion at the time you need a car, so it always pays to check out a few different ones before choosing.

Planning ahead is your best strategy to save on car rentals. Go online and search for the area where you need to rent a car and look at several offers. But before you give the company your credit card number online, don’t hesitate to call with any questions. You can get a better deal if you reserve your rental car at least a week in advance as opposed to waiting till the last minute. Aside from having to pay more, you risk not finding an available car at all, especially if you are traveling during a busy time. You will find the best car for you easier if you go online and compare prices and terms of the different car rental agencies.

While most of the car rental tips we’ve been covering are focused on saving you money, at times you may want to treat yourself and drive the luxury car of your dreams. If you do some research, you may find that this isn’t as expensive as you thought. There are car rental agencies that offer a wide variety of luxury models. While you will obviously have to pay more for this than an ordinary car, if it’s a special vacation or the fulfillment of a lifelong fantasy, it may be worth it. Some people also like to rent a certain type of car they are thinking of buying to see how it feels. Doing a search online can help you locate where you can rent a specific type of car.

You shouldn’t have to stress about renting a car and with enough planning, it should go smoothly. By doing some research into various car rental companies you can often save money. Keep these tips in mind to keep your travels hassle free.

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Best Cruises for Kids | What Cruise Line is Best For Children

http://www.CruiseSecretsExposed.com Best Cruises for kids will show you the best cruise lines to choose when booking a cruise vacation with your kids. Cruises are great fun for the kids, but go on a cruise that doesn’t have a lot for them to do and you and them will be disappointed. The best cruises for kids 2013 boils down to 3 cruise lines, the Disney Cruise line, Carnival Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. All of these companies have the best family cruises you can find. These same cruise lines offer the best cruises for toddlers and the best cruises for teens.

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Best cruises for kids