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James, Korver help short-handed Cavs cruise past Hawks

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This video is different from my other videos, as it is a vlog of our entire vacation! I hope you enjoy this video as I take you along with us for our vacation. Subscribe if you’re new ➠…

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Silversea World Cruise 2019

The 2019 Silversea World Cruise aboard Silver Whisper reads like a great explorers journal. Guests will discover the beauty of Indonesia, the extremes of Japan and China and the subcultures…

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Among those in the know, the Sardinian town of Alghero is often referred to as ‘Little Barcelona’. While this beautiful town is to be found in Italy, its cultural roots are very much of the Catalonian variety – it was ruled for around three centuries by invaders from Northern Spain.

The result is a magnificent place that mixes a fully Mediterranean climate with alluring architecture and more than the odd stupendously excellent beach. Backpackers will also be delighted to hear that with its range of cheap eating options and affordable hostels Alghero is easily experienced on a tight budget.


Finding a beach hostel in Alghero does not prove difficult, as the majority of the town’s budget accommodation options are clustered around its shoreline. Uniformly well-rated and sociable places, these hostels provide a great and cheap way of accessing the heart of Alghero.

Take the Lloc d’Or B&B as an example. A tiny place situated only five minutes from the center of town, it offers clean and well-furnished bedrooms, a traditional breakfast (served in the B&B’s beautiful garden come the sunshine of summer), and all-round welcoming Italian hospitality.

The B&B Castiglias is also well-rated. This is a gorgeous place that is perfect for couples wanting to enjoy a romantic weekend in beautiful scenery, as the hostel is situated 3km from Alghero itself, next to a sprawling natural park.

Another out-of-the-way place to stay is the Agriturismo Sa Suerera, which offers its guests a fully tranquil countryside break. Here you’ll find separate villa-type houses, each fitted with a kitchen, living area and bedrooms.

Back in the town, visitors often enjoy the B&B El Delfi, which is a clean and affordable accommodation option. While staying in this hostel holiday makers tend to make the most of its panoramic views, getting that all-important snapshot of the sun as it descends over the buildings of Alghero.


In many ways, Alghero is a sight in itself, with its many attractive edifices and dry stone walls a feast for even the most weary traveler’s eyes. As such, recently arrived visitors are recommended to simply walk around the town in order to get a feel for the place for targeting its headlining tourist sites.

Having truly soaked up the unique atmosphere of Alghero, a visit to the town’s Cathedral is a must. Built in various stages between the 16th and 20th Centuries, it’s a fascinating construct that mixes Gothic, Renaissance and Neo-Classical architectural styles.

Other worthwhile sights include the memorable Palazzo Carcasona, the impressive Church of St. Francis, and the Palazo D’Albis, which demonstrates the remnants of Aragonite influences in this Italian town.


Given its long stretches of sandy coastline (not to mention its plentiful and wonderful scuba diving opportunities), it’s perhaps unsurprising that most visitors to Alghero have one thing dominating their mind: trips to the beach!

While there are many awesome beaches in the area, the Maria Pia beach is a good option for travelers wanting good, uncomplicated beach-based fun. It’s a beautiful, sandy spot, and as it’s only 2km from the town itself, finding it from your hostel should be no problem whatsoever.

Before settling down and becoming a copywriter for HostelBookers.com Jonny Cooper did a backpacking tour of Italy and he checked out a variety of hostels including a hostels Alghero


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These days, more students are deciding to take a gap year and increasingly a growing number of students are choosing to involve themselves in gap year tennis and gap year football. There are plenty of advantages to be enjoyed from a gap year before starting university. Students are under immense pressure from the time they start their GCSE’s, with A levels following on in quick succession, there is certainly not much time for a break. Pressure to achieve success for many is almost overpowering, and levels of competition are usually high too. For many people, starting university straight after completing A-Levels seems very daunting and could seem very tiring as well.

It is for this reason that many are choosing to have a gap year before beginning university. Some students today even end up having to take a gap year after starting university when they’re already halfway through their studies as they find the pressure upon them just too high. A gap year, especially doing something enjoyable, for instance gap year tennis or gap year football, is a fantastic way to recharge the batteries whilst escaping the pressures related to studying. Not only is a gap year an escape from the pressure, it will also supply the chance to gain some invaluable life skills.

Taking part in gap year tennis or perhaps in gap year football gives students time to have a break from their hectic life and have an enjoyable time. You can find courses which are set up solely to cater for those considering pursuing tennis or football within their gap year. As a result, many have found a new skill that that can treasure and use for the rest of their life! Taking a year out to focus on one particular skill can provide you with the focus and time needed to improve that skill. If you choose to take part in a sport during your gap year, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills to a level that otherwise wouldn’t be achievable !

It is possible to find organisations that offer gap year tennis or gap year football. Following a gap year, you can go back to your studies relaxed with renewed focus and motivation. Whatever stage of your education you are at, whether you preparing to begin a new course or you are part way through a course, a gap year could be just what you need to restore your enthusiasm.

If you have just finished your A levels or need a break from university, pursue an interest and begin a gap year tennis or gap year football! Taking time out of your education to develop these additional skills could be something you won’t ever regret doing. Once you have completed your gap year you can go back to your studies refreshed, motivated, determined and equipped with additional skills! Along with all of those other rewards a gap year tennis or a gap year football may provide, you are guaranteed a year of fun!

This article was written by R. Deans on behalf of sportlived.co.uk experts in gap year football and gap year tennis

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