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Our Sun Princess Cruise Holiday To New Zealand (Vlog)

Our Sun Princess Cruise Holiday To New Zealand (Vlog)

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We had such a fun time on board the Sun Princess! Hope you enjoy coming along with us on our trip to New Zealand.





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  1. AuthorPaulGDay Reply

    I didn't mind the length as it was very entertaining. Your dad is funny. I have featured this video on Oz CruiseAholics FB page. :)

  2. Horzeluv4eva Reply

    holy crap my dad works at polyenishion spa

  3. mlau5599 Reply

    Who did u guys see in the cruise

  4. Lara Gold Reply

    I've been on the same boat as you :)

  5. wilsonrm1 Reply

    Great vlog.  Very handy for my trip to New Zealand next year.  Just wondering did you travel in January?  Was very interested in the weather and I now know to pack winter clothing.

  6. Ramon Rezvani Reply


  7. Jasmin “AussiechickThe111” Russell Reply

    Well done girls!

  8. Mikaela Hay Reply

    i had just watched ur other cruise vlog on carnival spirit looks amazing xxxxx

  9. Sarah Reply

    haha you guys look like fun.. glad you enjoyed it.. :)

  10. robocopone1 Reply

    Do you remember Team Simba from the cruise trivia???

  11. Debra Lamb Reply

    I feel like I've just been on a cruise. Thanks so much. I had a great time watching your video, you were very entertaining. 

  12. Rhiannon Stilley Reply

    I miss it allready????????????

  13. Rhiannon Stilley Reply

    we recently just got back from the exact same cruise ship but we went to figi and south pacific!

  14. Mikal k Reply

    next time when you're ever in New-Zealand or Rotorua… i suggest to go…. Skyline and Zorb or maybe sheepshow ^^

  15. sop the food eater Reply

    How old are you guys?

  16. louiseringsmose Reply

    You sound so funny and sweet in 18:15 xD
    And your Dad is so funny at 20:18 Ha ha..
    And it looked so classy with the ice creme, yummy 25:05!! xD
    Love you guys, thanks for "taking us with you!"
    Love, Louise.

  17. Melissa A Reply

    Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂 just love daddy shi dancing lol ohh and cherry is soooooo adorable.

  18. jemillahayne Reply

    Omg girls, I just got back from a week in Auckland today and am missing that city already… But I jumped off the Sky Tower and loved L&P so so so much!! 

  19. johnnymcleanvlogs Reply


  20. johnnymcleanvlogs Reply


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