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Royal Princess Cruise Ship Tour and Review – Cruise Fever

Royal Princess Cruise Ship Tour and Review – Cruise Fever

A video review of the Royal Princess cruise ship, one of Princess Cruises’ largest cruise ships. Video was taken on a 7 night cruise to the Eastern Caribbean from March 30 – April 6, 2014.

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  1. DaHes Reply


  2. tony singh Reply

    all the food and drinks all included?

  3. idan124 Reply

    beautiful cruise love it

  4. Game world Reply

    I been at cruise ship last time when i was young fun times

  5. Nicole Toledo Reply

    Hiring at all? I’ll make an exceptional hostess or any type of hospitality expert 😊😘

  6. mustafa alkrade Reply

    Ψ¬Ω…ΩŠΩ„ Ψ¬Ψ―Ψ§Ω‹ Ψ§ΩŠΩ† يوجد Ω‡ΩƒΨ°Ψ§ Ψ±Ψ­Ω„Ω‡ في اوربا

  7. thebaddog410 Reply

    Nice Tub

  8. Tommy Ma Reply

    Does anyone know if this cruise ship has vegan options, or maybe just salads? I really don’t want to bring a luggage of food lol.

  9. louieDsypo Reply

    the chick is fine af nbs

  10. Kya Lucero Reply

    I can’t wait to get rich and get a yacht that’s just like this lol

  11. Juliet kim Reply

    I’ve been to 9 ahips

  12. Platinum Gamer Reply

    Id pay anything to go on a cruise. This is my life DREAM!

  13. michael Reply

    That stuff should be included in the price of a cruise.

  14. iJamie8467x Reply

    so cruises are basically shopping centres aka Malls on a boat but you have to pay to go on it?

  15. yankorusev Reply

    great video

  16. batt3ryac1d Reply

    Get a fucking pop filter.

  17. Megan Coop Reply

    due n 8o78 +&I j

  18. Elhedody Hedoo Reply

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  19. Miguel Cubilette Reply

    Your cruise was cool

  20. Jara Reply

    never let go jack

  21. Miguel Cubilette Reply


  22. John Garlick Reply

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    Book spa treatments on port days. Spas often discount services on days in port or during other slow times.
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  23. Dr Dank Reply

    Nice review. Which room category was that? Looks much nicer than our Spa Balcony on Norwegian Getaway.

  24. Edgar Manzo Reply

    U pay a lot of money to go on a cruise but have to pay to use wifi? Get the fuck out of here

  25. sherlin manalac Reply

    is the food included here?

  26. Noriel Espaldon Reply

    What is the website of this Cruiseship.? thank you very much!

  27. Loko Time Reply

    I already know what mah mom gonna say

    Noooooo child aint nobody gonna waist no money

  28. Whatdoes that Does Reply

    Is food included like on Disney?

  29. Michael Bibby Reply

    is the drinks free

  30. Valerie F. Reply

    Looks boring!

  31. Bill numby Reply

    We cruise 3-6 times per year, but are now boycotting all cruises with ports in Mexico, within the last two months to many friends have been attacked in those ports.

  32. Juliet kim Reply

    Also this one

  33. Brinley Harriss Reply

    Love it ,Brings back great memories because I was on that ship in June.

  34. Hopelessme Down Reply

    Low cal cal zone zone

  35. the Cash-er Reply

    This was the first cruise I went on

  36. Carol Reed Reply

    Kate Middleton isn’t the Godmothers name, it’s Catherine. She’s the Duchess of Cornwall. Good review though.

  37. Camel Is lit Reply

    600 minutes of internet use for $199 WHAT THE

    Cruises are as spouses to be a vacation themself not somewhere to spend your wallet

  38. maria elena pena Reply

    So is food included?

  39. my67falcon Reply

    so one of the pizza cooks wipes his runny nose on his arm. yea, that’s quality right there.

  40. Edward Bliss Reply

    My daily luxury cruise is taking the bus. Only a few bucks

  41. Jay D Reply


  42. Adeel Ahmad Reply

    you didn’t talk anything about the health and safety, what emergency evacuation plans and equipment they have in place, in an event of a terrorist attack, what the hell do you do or a cruise has leak or explodes? Or, if that pizza oven goes off in flames? or, some mad woman starts firing an ak47 at everyone? Or, you get ambushed by pirates? LOL

  43. john wheeler Reply

    Butlins on sea, 50 years on

  44. mells festers Reply


  45. IsabelPlays Reply

    I remember being on this ship, it was really pretty

  46. Yugen TV Reply

    shit! everything is moneyπŸ˜– time to say goodbye to my dream😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  47. thiery572 Reply

    Nice. I like the seawalk.

  48. MarΓ­a Angela Alvarez Reply

    looks great!

  49. T-1-4themoney Reply

    Stop breathing right into the mic

  50. Dwight Turner Reply

    These types of ships get 11 inches per gallon of fuel. That’s the truth!

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