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Travel Tips: How to Keep Your Stuff Safe at Hostels

A few tips for how to keep your belongings safe when staying in dorm rooms at hostels.
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Travel Tips: How to Keep Your Stuff Safe at Hostels
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  1. Poorna Chathura Wickremasinghe

    Thanks Gabriel!

  2. Japanese Snack Review

    Useful travel tips!! Thanks Gabe!!

  3. Ru Kercy

    you have nice curly wavy hair.

  4. jj111099

    Hey 🙂 I've heard if you have a day pack like that, or a small backpack/purse, you could put it at the bottom of a sleeping bag, cause it's virtually impossible to get to without waking the person up. I know my cousin does at least :)

  5. faraz hussain

    Hey great video thanks
    I've completed school and now I'm going to a college in july, should i take my laptop with me?
    I'll be staying at the university hostel for 3 years

  6. I did it Handy Dummy

    Thank you for your advice. One more thing, a sturdy padlock is only difficult to break, not difficult to pick. When I stay at a hostel, I lock my backpack only but I wear my money belt or put the money in the zipped pocket of my comfortable yoga pants while sleeping.

  7. Cody Pesto

    What if they have a plasma and bolt cutters to cut the locks you have?

  8. Nutellover

    One thing I always do in any hostel is keep the locker key inside my pillow case, that way if someone wants to get in my locker during the night they have to get under my sleeping head first.

  9. superduperboyx

    Thank you for the video! Just wondernig, what about your luggage? Is your orange backpack what's holding your clothes? Just wondering, what about other hostel mates who have luggages? Where would they put it since lockers are small?

  10. Avav Bubu

    This is great, because I am gone first time at a hostel. thnkx
    Can you tell me, can I bring padlock in backpack which I can bring with me in aeroplan? Is that allowed to bring with me in the plane?

  11. BIGNIC

    I as well learned a few things although I will not be sharing any rooms I stay in this video was still helpful.

  12. Ashley Ozark

    Just discovered your channel with your Lima Videos. Thanks for the posting your videos especially your theft in Bogata. Conveniently, you traveled to not only where I'll be going for my archaeological field school this summer, but also to Colombia where I will be visiting my sister after the field school. For these trips, did you happen to travel between Peru and Colombia? How was your experience with international travel and customs?

  13. Sid “Gettin it Done”

    that bike lock would be so easy to cut, no joke.  like 2 seconds

  14. Ahmed Dilawer

    This is so helpful. Just booked Colombia thanks so much

  15. 94110mission

    Do you think there will come a time when you feel you are too old for a hostel and seek out other types of accommodation? Doesn't a hostel come with a certain type of"vibe" more suited to younger travelers?

  16. Thiago Soares

    You got one more subscriber!

  17. themovemotion

    Thank you for your travel advice !
    travelling to Bogota in March, do you have a recommendation which hostel i should checkout ?

  18. Claire Dunning

    thank you for the tips, very helpful!!! I never would have thought of a bike lock in the room, thanks :D

  19. ConstantJive

    awesome video thanks for the tips

  20. Gerry Fearon

    bike lock is such a simple but genius tip man…cheers