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TRAVEL TIPS: Round-the-World Flights VS One Way Flights

Should you book a round-the-world plane ticket or buy one way plane tickets? That’s the question I asked myself when planning my year-long trip around the world. This video will help you decide which option is best for you for your travels.

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  1. Caroline Gill

    Thank you! This was so helpful! Almost went for a rtw ticket when one ways are definitely the best option for me!

  2. Jan Wikholm

    Just recently started looking into what sort of budget our RTW would be in — just a ballpark / minimum figures for flights — and this was a question that kept popping up and now by happenstance I found your channel and you have answered this.

    Thank you! Subscribed :)

  3. Christopher Blake

    Great video. Nicely shot and put together! Curious…. what kind of camera do you use?

  4. Luka Petešič

    what if you need to buy round trip ticket because country want to If I want to go to USA from Europe I Need roundtrip ticket do you maybe know how can you deal whit that thanks :-)

  5. EmiStarShine

    This was one of my biggest questions about travel and you answered it! Thank you so much!!

  6. enzo226

    great advice and a well put together video , you sir have yourself a new subscriber

  7. bald headrasta

    Thnx alot…. I am planning on going couchsurfing next year to Latin America / India & South East Asia.. Next year…. For a period of 6+..not sure yet.. This video was helpful! If you have any advice let me know…. Im currently living in Trinidad and Tobago…

  8. Eden Abrahamian

    What about booking around the world tickets with award miles?

  9. Stamps600

    Two cheapest ways are RTW ticket through a online/phone travel agent (go to multiple travel agents (airline consolidators, discount brokers and travel hackers, prices will be different) and credit card sign up bonuses for air miles. Don't run up debt on the credit cards, but the bonuses are enough for at least 8 tickets one way tickets.
    (Some airline consolidators won't deal with a person and only sell B2B. Some do person to person.)

  10. Trailblazer

    Question: I have a list of cities I want to visit how to I come up with the cheapest itinerary of those cities in one trip. 25 cities!

  11. Kristen Sarah

    Your very welcome!

  12. Kristen Sarah

    Have you tried FlightFox? Check it out: bit [dot] ly/1fpGaHG

  13. Kristen Sarah

    Hey! I just answered your questions in my latest video. Check it out. I mention using Kayak but I would now recommend FlightFox…you will save a lot on your flights with them and you will get 25% through me bit [dot] ly/1fpGaHG

  14. eatbiscuits1

    skyscanner is awesome!

  15. Eulalie “Jasenomade”

    Best advises so far. Thanks for sharing

  16. Sam Berczik


  17. Kristen Sarah

    I'll take that compliment any day!

  18. Valerafire

    Hi i am a new subscriber and i love your tips and videos! i am need of advice from you. i am planning a trip to South America and ii wanted to know how would i travel between countries? if one way is the best? i am planning to travel in argentina,chiile,peru,colombia,venezuela and brazil. i am traveling in each country for atleast 3 weeks to a month each. thanks i would like to hear from you! if you could make a video on South America traveling that would be sweet.

  19. Anna

    New subscriber here 🙂 I'm super glad Louis recommended his viewers come check your videos out. They are super helpful!

  20. Kristen Sarah

    Sounds like a great trip! You can also take the train which could be a lot cheaper. I would look into that as well. I'm glad you're enjoying my videos. More to come.