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☼ Travel/Airplane Essentials+Tips | Spring Break 2016 ☼


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  1. sighaudra Reply

    Great tips! Just started packing!

  2. T A N J i I Reply

    Lol I'm going to Orlando too

  3. Faith the dancer 5 Reply

    I love this!!!!!

  4. JustBeingMaria Reply

    Can you please do a travel routine? Your beautiful!

  5. Amanda Morgan Reply

    I would pack the same ????

  6. yonoella Reply

    i'm not a big fan of most travel essential vids but this one was really good & helpful!!

  7. beautybabe Xo Reply

    Intro song

  8. Majestyy_ Reply

    Im going to Orlando Floridaaaa! ????????

  9. Brooke Defrenne Reply

    i love your bed i have to share a room with my little sis

  10. Yaneli Medina Reply

    Where you get your luggage from?

  11. LuvleeOrely Reply

    where did u get the sunglasses i love them

  12. ml.1001 0-1 Reply

    you Dont take a make up ?

  13. Brenda Yvonne Salinas Reply

    Hi beautiful lady. Great travel tips keep it up. I recently uploaded my first video on travel if you would like to check it out, it would mean the world to me. Have a great night.

  14. RainbowTNT Cat Reply

    they won't let you bring water through security. so my tip is to bring an empty water bottle then fill it when you pass through security

  15. marianmcrmy Reply

    So helpful!
    I'm going to cabo mexico and I mow i know what to pack, thanks!????

  16. Keyanna George Reply

    Love these tips????

  17. Yaritza Suarez Reply

    cute shorts!!!!!

  18. Evelyn & Titi Reply

    Great video! I am definitely going to try these tips!

  19. DIY with Fatima Reply

    I loved your channel! Your videos are goals♡ definately subbing to you! It would be a great help if you subb back to me!

  20. Sahar Ameen Reply


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