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☼ What To Pack For Vacation + Tips For Packing ☼ Part 1

☼ What To Pack For Vacation + Tips For Packing ☼ Part 1


Here is how I pack my suitcase efficiently and organized for trips and vacations!
Since there lots of people going on vacations during summer, I figured I would film this fun how-to video on how I like to go about packing!

So I hope you guys enjoy this fun video and are ready for many more fun ones!

IF YOU ARE READING THIS: tell me the last place you travelled to, or the next place you plan to travel!


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  1. Manal Khaled

    I'm going to mont timberlands

  2. JodieGymnast27


  3. Nancy Le

    I'm going to Texas tomorrow ????

  4. Luna Lovah11

    I am going to Aruba in July.. Has anyone ever been or lives there? How is it?

  5. angelene A.


  6. CandyGirl

    one good tip is to roll y our shirts and leggings because that way you save a lot more space in you suitcase

  7. Aimee Doherty

    I am going to Spain

  8. Sonya Blanchard

    going to Tennessee

  9. Elyse Bowden

    U forgot pjs dumb ass

  10. thebeautyjunkie11

    I am planning to go to Florida soon

  11. Juliana Sorto

    i am going to hawi in march

  12. Juliana Sorto

    wow love it so cool

  13. QueenOfBeauty101

    I'm going to Spain in November ????????

  14. Jessica Fowles

    Where did you get you suitcase from

  15. Sinead X

    You don't have colour coordination


    im going to birch bay in 2 days :]

  17. marwa brague

    I'm going to tunisia for a week !

  18. Hentati Nourane

    I'm going to Tunisia ! ( I'm in Tunisia but I'm traveling to monastir a touristic area ) ! I'm so excited ! I hope everyone knows how beautiful and amazing tunisia is !

  19. Karen Beth

    Cute footage! 🙂 I love how you filed your flight it is so cute. Your tips for packing were on point I love this video. I also just posted a video of my carry on essentials so if you were wondering what I take it would mean a huge deal to me if you checked it our & left feedback on my channel. Sorry for saying all that, it's just hard to get my videos out there. All my love, xo.

  20. Nikki Jansen

    i am going on vacation monday over a week to spain