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☼ What To Pack For Vacation + Tips For Packing ☼ Part 2

Click here to watch part 1 (how I pack for vacation): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiL7G81xwlU

Here is how I pack my suitcase efficiently and organize for trips and vacations!
Since there lots of people going on vacations during summer, I figured I would film this fun how-to video on how I like to go about packing the beauty products and makeup!

So I hope you guys enjoy this fun video and are ready for many more fun ones!

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  1. zeyenna Harper

    What about clothes?

  2. Liberty Lane

    Thank you for making this video it helped me pack and make shore that I didn't forget anything I hope that everybody is having a great summer and have a great summer vacation I wish everyone on here well.

  3. Arius Whiting

    I have the same suit case

  4. Remmi M

    I'm watching this like "ain't nobody got time for dat" ????????

  5. sarah91751
  6. Kiana Pineda

    can you post the whole list please?

  7. Justine alviar

    Btw i loved your video!

  8. Justine alviar

    Woah she brings alot of things!!

  9. Audrey Batesky

    I thought you can't bring liquids through security. They will take them away. I loved this vid btw!!❤️

  10. maryansleyy


  11. Disney world Wish list

    @A Wong

  12. HeyyitsKamiel

    Where is your suitcase from ?

  13. Ella Eichman

    Hi I'm new on youtube I just got an acont like 1 minute ago and your video was a big help since I'm one of those girls who has to look perfect with makeup and fancy jewlery and outfite and hair but to be onest I need like 2 backpacks and a suite case the suite case for all my clothes 1 backpack for makeup and and jewlery and the other one for hair and shower products and let me just say there both stuffed to the top 

  14. Tanya Singh

    What app do you use for voice overs?

  15. A Wong

    I plz check out my channel I did a what I pack on vacation video too

  16. Ha-Young Son (Sarah)

    This was so helpful because i am going to korea thanks

  17. Kalynrainnn

    I didn't know u could bring all that stuff on the planes ! 

  18. Megan Shenold

    This was awesome thank you it was going to be a great help for me when I packed this weekend also we have the same mascara combination

  19. Julia Wilson

    Hi im new to youtube and was wondering if i could message u on youtube but i dont know how can u help me please?

  20. devinxduhh 13

    I luv your voice it makes me happy and thank you for the tips <3