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  1. Rocco Palen

    I have been on 15 hour flights since I was a baby

  2. Jasmine Youssef

    next year im planning to go to Japan to visit my sister and also because im obsessed with japan. im 11 and i really hate flying. i just went on a 4 hpur flight and i struggled! what's gonna happen for a 11 hour flight? i wish seats had beds because it's so hard to sleep!

  3. A Thousand Wishes

    Why does she sound out of breath?

  4. the kaydenceHDtv

    I live in Canada and I was going to England so that took 7 days

  5. Gater335

    Lol not too comfy xD

  6. babybella family

    This might sound stupid but I'm going on holiday and it's a 2 hour flight and I HATE plane rids please don't judge I have a fobiea ????

  7. Kamalakrsna Devi

    28 round the planet flights… BTW: San Fran. 2 AbuDhabi is 21 hours. So… experience! I learned from this gal: ask flight crew 2 fill my empty container (this never occurred 2 me) HOWEVER: my one sure important thing 2 do: DO NOT eat anything with sugar in it b4 or during the flight. Makes ALL the good difference in the world. Little discipline required – but pays off BIG … IMHO

  8. Paul H

    To save on neck pillows, some airlines the seats have folding wings so you can snuggle into them! Also Air Canada is flying the Dreamliner to Australia, higher humidity so won't dry out as much, tip #6 choose the plane wisely ✈️????

  9. Flamehopes

    You should be more confident when talking and I bet you'll have a much better video, girl. 😀 ;)

  10. Erin Geiswite

    I have to take a 15hr and 45 min flight! im gonna have ALOT of time to sleep

  11. sarahhime

    About to go on a 14 hour flight!:)

  12. mangojaguar 0408

    me and my sister are flying without my mum for the first time (she's 8 and I'm 11) from the UK to South Africa to see family and the flight is none stop

  13. Ramen Noodles

    im taking a 13 hour flight, none stop I dont know if this flight will be great :I

  14. bryanna bryan

    i am traveling to jamacia

  15. PhanTrash Is Me

    You went from Canada to Australia! That's a long way! In a couple months I'm flying to Australia too. ( I live in Canada). It's not just vacation… I'm moving there. It will take 36 hours! I will have to take a couple planes tho. I'm glad I'm going with my family cuz I'm still very young. Does anyone have any tips for this long of a flight? If you do plz share some with me. I'm so glad I found this video! Bye!

  16. Gabby Thornton

    I'm going on a six hour flight all day so this helped a whole lot can't wait till summer

  17. lemmony llama

    can u breath? I'm flying to japan from austrailia queensland sooo this is gonna help

  18. Mahisha Samy Nathan

    a tip:
    add some beads from beanbags into your inflatable pillow coz i do that at times and its kindda nice

  19. Amazing Lemon605

    Could You speak louder?!

  20. ceara amos

    I have a 25 hour flight super excited but scares