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✈ Travel Beauty Essentials (haircare, skincare and packing tips! )

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  1. Hey Nadine Reply

    This one’s for the ladies ;P 

  2. Laurbubble Reply

    Next time I go away, I’m re-watching this and packing everything you say.
    I’m sooo bad at packing stuff like this! 

  3. mcgaugh57 Reply

    Um did you forget these things on last trip :)

  4. Milly Davidson Reply

    This is really handy thank you!!!

  5. Jessica Showalter Reply

    I love this video! You’re so…silly! I also agree that Neutrogena makes
    great sunscreens! I really want to try the bumble and bumble products – I’d
    seen them before but my hair is normally straight ….but like you, I have
    thin fine hair, so it tends to get quite frizzy and wavy in humid climates!
    Thanks for the video :D

  6. supersilverdoll Reply

    Is it just me but does she sound a lot like Ingrid or Missglamorazzi??? :D

  7. Awesome Adventures Fiji Reply

    These #travel #beauty essential #tips from Nadine Sykora are particularly
    #handy if you plan on taking a #backpacking #holiday. But these #products
    are great for any well #organised #traveller.

  8. The Abroad Guide Reply

    Love that little compact brush!

  9. jenav98 Reply

    How do you travel so often? I would love to travel, though it can get
    extremely expensive. 

  10. Awesome Whitsundays Reply

    These #travel #beauty essential #tips from Nadine Sykora are particularly
    #handy if you plan on taking a #backpacking #holiday. But these #products
    are great for any well #organised #traveller.

  11. DENNAIRAM Reply

    Where did you get that beauty bag? How much was it? 🙂 love to travel and
    find this video very helpful thanks nadine!!!!

  12. Eliza W Reply

    ive bought loads of the face stuff you recommended, thx for the tips 

  13. Cristina Mm Yeah Ö Reply

    Love your stuff! <3

  14. Rita W'Limes Reply

    Can’t tell if you’re drunk or hyped up… either way I loved the video and
    your quirky personality!

  15. BeautyCreep Reply

    This makes me wanna go travelling so much! Argghh. I’d love to make travel
    videos. I’ll settle for travelling about Scotland and filming that just now
    when I can and watching your videos :P. Also, dry shampoo is a LIFESAVER
    omg, good suggestion, I can imagine I’ll use it constantly when I travel.

  16. SupaDupaFlyGirl Reply

    Great video girl! I love how organized you are, and you choose practical
    products that have uses, unlike picking lipsticks and eyeshadow to do with
    your outfit ;)

  17. Hopscotch The Globe Reply

    I want that bag! That’s such a good one. So many compartments. I love
    myself some compartments. I always bring dry shampoo as well. Love it!

  18. lambarini Reply

    i have those travel perfume bottles, they are great!! i really want your
    travel bag. thank you for the great video. im hoping to be visiting grease
    this year

  19. OnTheGoWithCarson Reply

    Good idea about the foot powder! Never thought about bringing it but I’m
    sure it would be so helpful since when we’re traveling we walk/hike/etc. so
    much. Thanks for the tip and thanks for the video! You’re awesome 🙂 

  20. ELMODER Reply

    على الطلاق ما فهمتش ولا كلمه ، دي شكلها بتتكلم انجليزي يا جودعان ، 

  21. robinchwan Reply

    Nice tips. Also lookin very pretty nadine :)

  22. derekcolman Reply

    I’m sure that was really interesting for girls, but what I want to know is
    what is happening about the bloody mice. 

  23. dspid2404 Reply

    I watched this video because I’ve watched every one of your videos and
    didn’t want to say I didn’t watch one. And after watching it I must say
    this – Thank God I’m a guy!!!!!!! What a burden you ladies bare, and we
    love you for it.

  24. chimeyplanet Reply

    You have such a great personality! : ) Love it and love your videos!

  25. shetravels Reply

    i use that dry shampoo too! they’re amazing~

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