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10 Most Popular Cruise Packing Tips

See our “Rolling vs. Folding video here: https://youtu.be/CpI9htu04b0
Hi cruisers, In this episode we are going to take a look at 10 popular packing tips. We’ll let you know what we think about them, and perhaps offer our own spin based on our past experience.

Tip number 1 – Roll your clothes.

Tip number 2: Pack an empty daypack or tote for laundry and souvenirs.

Tip number 3. Put a couple of dryer sheets in your suitcase for fresh smelling cloths.

Moving on to tip #4: Put rolled up socks in your shoes to save space and to help your shoes keep shape.

Tip number 5: Use two zip-lock bags for toiletries to prevent leaks.

Tip number 6: Keep razors sharp and safe with a binder clip.

Tip number 7: Put a rolled up belt in your shirt collar to keep it’s shape.

Tip number 8: Pack wrinkle reducing spray.

Tip number 9: Use shower caps on shoes to keep the dirt from transferring to other items.

And finally tip 10: Pack shoes and heavier items on the bottom of your suitcase to help prevent tip-overs.
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  1. eagankyong

    Madam !!  You NEVER seemed terrified of public speaking;  In fact,   a remarkable communicator,  and "PROFESSIONAL"  public speaker.    I  learned  how to smile during the speech from YOU !!   From an  old and grumpy lady in Florida

  2. Maui Hampton

    Have been enjoying your series on cruise tips.

    Do you have a demo on various themes for the "dry erase boards" to post on the outside portion of the cabin door?

  3. Paul M

    Sheri, you are very hot.

  4. Helen Fortune

    Ive never cruised before but I heard large clips are great for keeping your towel on your chair when it is windy, as well as closing the curtains when you are sleeping/ napping. Dryer sheets in the air vents or room deodorizer spray help keep the confined space of your cabin smelling good too. I love your videos and look forward to watching more as I prepare for my first cruise in May 2017.

  5. FionaAndPeter Russell-White

    Super. Thanks!

  6. Kim C

    Can you please tell us where you purchased your Roxy toiletry bag?

  7. VlogGrrr

    Great tips! thanks!

  8. Brad Johnson

    Another great video. I use many of these tips too like the BOUNCE sheets! I never take dress shirts though, just nice POLO's for dinner …..another reason I LUV NCL because you don't have to wear dress clothes.

  9. thejokerspeaks

    Dryer sheets can be used as mosquito repellent, so something to do with them when you're in port where Zika is active.

  10. Crazy Life

    Great video!

  11. Kaylee C

    Great video! Youre a great speaker

  12. impymoo

    Love your tips, my husband and I are going on a cruise in about a month for our 10th anniversary. I have cruised before but he is a first time cruiser and has really enjoyed watching your videos. Keep up the good work and we will see you on the high seas!!