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10 Tips for a Carnival Cruise with Kids – Elizabeth Medero

10 Tips for a Carnival Cruise with Kids - Elizabeth Medero

This video is about Tips for Cruising with Kids – Elizabeth Medero

Here are my top 10 tips on cruising on a carnival cruise ship with kids. What are your tips for cruising with kids?

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  1. shnuggumz

    Excellent tips! What is "2.0"?

  2. Deshelia Bowen

    do you have any advice on taking a 1 or 2year old on one and a 6month old baby

  3. Dennisse MS

    Cute countdown ideas. Love your tips

  4. Lana Banana

    ???? thank you – great advice for tips with kids

  5. Trice Bo

    This was a really nice video.. I have been searching for real mommy advice about cruising with kids for two months… I had almost given up on searching and was dead set on making a video when I returned to help others. Thanks so much for your tips.. I am taking my son on a surprise birthday cruise December 19 on the Fascination and I have cruised a few times but never with him so your tips are sure to travel us so Thanks again..

  6. sazzifrazz78

    Thanks for the tips. My hubby and I have been on a few cruises but this summer will be the first time my 9 year old will be on one. We typically do Royal Caribbean and I was shocked to see how teeny the carnival ocean view room was. I would love to do a DCL but the costs have always prevented us. We typically do WDW yearly and are huge fans but the price difference between DCL and RCCL is huge!