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10 Tips for Airline Travel with Baby

https://mamanatural.com/ Mike and I are avid travelers and having a baby doesn’t have to stop us from continuing this great love of ours. We’ve already taken Griffin on three airplane trips in his young 6 month-old life.

While traveling with little ones takes a little more planning and patience, it can be done.

Here are the top tips for traveling with babies that I’ve learned along the way.

1. Book flights outside of the “witching hour.”

With young babies, the later the date, the more fussy they become. I learned the hard way not to book a flight in the 3 to 7 p.m. window. It is much easier to take morning flights because babies are better rested, happier and therefore more adaptable.

2. Reserve a window seat.

This gives you privacy for nursing or feeding and contains a “wall” (the window) to lean against which helps with a squirmy baby. You are also in charge of the amount of light coming in through window shade, which helps when trying to get a baby to nap. An added bonus, some babies also like to look out windows… a nice diversion!

3. Go to gate early and see if you can be seated next to an empty seat.

If the plane isn’t full, most airline attendants will let you move to a seat next to an empty seat. This is a HUGE score. We brought Griffin’s car seat onboard and strapped him in the empty seat between Mike and I. He fell asleep easily because he’s in his own space and familiar with being in there for naps.

4. Bring a travel companion.

If possible, be sure a husband, companion, friend or family member comes with you. This will allow you to take bathroom breaks and help you lug around all of the baby gear. In fact, I would seriously consider not traveling if you have to go alone.

5. Be prepared to nurse, nurse, nurse.

Wear an easy access top and bra so baby can nurse liberally throughout flight, especially during take off. I also brought along a pacifier, which Griffin only gets in special occasions, as another tool to help soothe him during the flight.

6. Bring toys.

Just a few of his/her favorites that pack well and aren’t horribly loud. Again, this brings some of the familiar to the foreign environment. They are also a great way to entertain baby during long flights.

7. Pack for plane.

Bring along a little bag filled with a few toys, pacifier (if you use), extra diapers, wipes, changing and burp cloths, a change of clothes and an extra sweatshirt and blanket. Babies like to touch everything and put things in their mouths so the wipes are critical to keep the germs at bay. While I’m not a germaphob, planes are filled with new exposures to the baby that could prove harmful, especially if they are not vaccinated. Extra clothes and diapers are obviously important in case there is a diaper blowout. Fun times.

8. Bring a baby carrier.

My personal favorite is the Ergo carrier. If you don’t have an extra seat for the car seat, you can use the carrier to rock your baby to sleep. I find that it worked much better than trying to create a bed on the airline tray!

9. If you can, wait till baby is 6 months.

We went to California when Griffin was 4 months and I found that was a tough age. He was “awake” enough to be restless and bored but he was also young enough to be a hot mess if he missed a nap. By 6 months, babies sleep cycles are more ingrained and they are more resilient. If they miss a nap, they can roll with it better making for a better traveling experience all around. I even think 0-4 weeks would be better than 2-4 months since babies are still in that newborn “haze” and can sleep pretty much anywhere.

10. Be gentle with yourself and baby.
Despite your best efforts, sometimes babies just need to cry on a plane. Griffin went “code red” for twenty minutes on his first flight and all I could do was rock him and patiently wait for him to pass out in exhaustion. I was getting the evil eye for all those around me. I felt like a terrible mother. It was hard. But it’s gonna happen. They are babies and airplanes are very stimulating, and at times, uncomfortable places. Roll with it and try to even find the humor in the situation. It will be over before you know it. BTW, on the return flight, Griffin didn’t make a peep and everyone was commenting on what an angel baby I had. LOL! Pregnant? Check out my baby registry checklist:

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  1. Esmeralda C

    im going ro travel w. my baby &toddler alone.. omg worried already

  2. caligirl92

    seeing griffin cry on the plane made my heart melt ! i wish i could have been there just to help you, he is so precious. i would have so much compassion towards anyone with a crying baby on a plane.

  3. melodramatic7904

    I recently travelled with my 8 month old from italy to the US and back. It was fine except for when we flew from Orlando to Pittsburgh. I was pissed to find out that lap babies do not have any restraints here. That is so dangerous! I would say do not fly with a young child unless you can retrain them in some way like in a car seat. Yes, things rarely happen, but the consequences could be disastrous if something does happen.

  4. Freweini Abraha


  5. 4 scoops GODDAMMIT

    babies shouldnt be allowed on airplanes

  6. Roblox player PLAYZ

    My babby sis 2 months old

  7. Roblox player PLAYZ

    Tommorow I'm going Italy Milan borgamo and takes 4 hours and I Hope she doesn't Cry????????????⚡️????????

  8. Andrea Combs

    Great tips, thank you! My husband and I flew from Phoenix, AZ, to Cape Town, South Africa, when our son was just 2 months old to visit my immediate family for Christmas. We returned when he was 4 months old. There were three flights each way and two of the three flights were 11+ hours long. In hindsight, it wasn't too bad traveling with such a young baby, but because we were inexperienced new parents, it was a little challenging – esp when our son was tired and beside himself in tears. Haha.

    When he was 8 months old we flew to Virginia for a wedding, and that was a fun experience because the flights were short and he enjoyed looking out the window! My tip would be to book a window and aisle seat if you're flying with someone and hope that the middle seat remains open. If it does, you have an extra seat! If not, you can just ask the person to switch seats with you. In our case, by using this strategy, we had the whole row to ourselves for all four local flights!! It made travel so much easier!!

    I'm leaving in a couple weeks to go visit my family in South Africa again and I'll be flying with our son, now 10 months old, all by myself. I'm a little nervous to be doing this alone with a mobile child. Haha. Any tips for loooooong flights? We fly via Amsterdam. TIA!

  9. Nesreen A

    which baby carrier do you suggest?

  10. erica guerdon

    We travelled when my lo was 4 months. The best advice we got hands down was to feed him on the way up and down. He fell asleep when we fed him on the way up and he slept for all but about 30 minutes of the flight. The way down was no big deal at that point.

  11. Y.H

    your baby is gorgeous 🙂
    thanks for the tips

  12. Living and Travelling With Kids

    Great information thank you.

  13. Chyspa Martinez

    I'm planning to travel next month ! my son is gonna be 8 months she. we go I'm super nervous about it and how he is going yo react

  14. Kebabremover69

    tip 11 dont get babies

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    Omg how did you make your intro?, the violin theme

  16. Patrick Jeruel ROHAN

    Thank you for this video. My wife will be expecting in August and I plan for the three of us plan to move to the US four months later. So I am already nervous. This helps so much.

  17. Erika Vela

    I hate flying I always get severe headaches . I will soon need to travel with my 5 month old baby n my 3 year old to go visit a relative. Anybody has any tips that will help me out w the flight? It will just be me n my babies. Thanks

  18. Aida Hal

    planning our first ever travel with baby in 2 months she will be 10 months old. super nervous.

  19. winston parker

    Girl, what a horrible ear rings

  20. babysnooks

    You forgot the most important thing… Buy your child a seat on the plane and install their car seat. If adult passengers need a seat belt, if the flight attendants need a seat belt, if the coffee pot needs to be strapped down, so does your child. Would you ever consider driving in a car with your baby in your lap? No? Well, the plane is the same thing except you're traveling at 150+ mph. Now, will a car seat help if the plane falls out of the sky? No. BUT most plane accidents are runway emergencies or serious turbulence. Your Child will go flying because you will not be able to gold on to him.