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10 Travel Tips You Need To Know!

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  1. chiutips

    Hi everyone! The winner for the travel giveaway contest is Linda Wong!
    Thanks to all who entered and keep watching for more contests 🙂 xo

  2. Kachii3

    That packing tip was AMAZING. Wish I got that eagle creek system when I
    went to Asia. It would have been so convenient. I’m glad you had a great
    time during your trip (: I don’t really have a tip, but I always try to
    pack all my essentials only. Because you can always buy something, but you
    wouldn’t want to overpack and have to throw something away ): 

  3. Life of Bel

    I will be travelling quite a lot this winter so this video is so helpful! I
    will definitely try your way of packing clothes! I’m amazed at how little
    space they took..

  4. Alexa Marie

    Where can I buy that eagle Creek?! I must buy that for my next trip, last
    week I made my first trio and it was a mess having all cloths all around
    where I was staying :(

  5. Linda Wong

    my favourite tip is using a great travel system like the eagle creek! also
    love the shower cap idea! 

  6. Vicki Zandier

    I love you so much you make my days so much better. When I see one if your
    videos no matter how I’m feeling I always smile love you <3

  7. carmela mercado

    My favorite tip is rolling out the clothing materials that you will bring
    with you to save some space plus making sure you have all your travel docs
    on one safe place plus having an efficient travel system like eagle creek

  8. Mary Williams

    Rolled US dollar bills do not fit into a standard chap stick container. The
    bills are too long and when you fold it, it is too long to fit. The cap
    won’t fit over the bills when you try to seal it. Maybe you could fit one
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  9. Love Ponciano

    I wouldn’t mind seeing your travel videos:-) Love to travel myself.

  10. Linda Wong

    great tips! I love your tori burch flats! 

  11. chiutips

    NEW VIDEO IS UP! For today’s tip, I’m going to share with you guys my TOP
    10 Travel Tips You Need To Know! Be sure to watch until the end of the
    video for another GIVEAWAY! Because my viewers are the best. Enjoy! xo Jen

  12. Cece Channel

    My best travel tip is to have a shower cap for my shoes and YESS.. I got
    the tip from your videos

  13. Aaisha

    My travel tip is to make sure that you keep a spare change of clothes in
    your hand luggage. It’s great if you want to freshen up when you have a
    connective flight or just in case your luggage gets lost. 🙂 xxxx

  14. M&Ms_mac

    Although I haven’t travelled a lot, i did learn some from some mistakes.
    One of them is about gadget chords. Instead of buying specific tools to
    coil your chords, you can use a hairtie or scrunchie instead.

  15. mairisa

    This video made me wish I was going on a trip soon! Your tips were so great
    and original. <3

  16. Addie Miller

    my favorite/best travel is to make sure your liquids are secure in a spill
    proof bag b/c i had conditioner explode all over my clothes once

  17. Cyndi Luv

    I wish I win the contest since I never won one before and my family is
    going traveling soon so it would be an amazing treat! One of my traveling
    tip would be tying a bright and unique rope to your language so you would
    know which one is exactly yours without getting mixed up with others

  18. GIna Lor

    My best travel tips is to pack a reusable water bottle that clips on to
    your bag and definitely a portable charger for your phone.

  19. isabelle grace padua

    I use straws to carry travel-size amounts of skin care products.

  20. rhumbasplash

    Do you have to have the same username for Instagram and YouTube to enter
    the giveaway? Thanks! :-)

  21. nida zahra

    You are really helpful, you have the best tips

  22. jdan045

    My tip would be to spray perfume all over round cotton wipes and leave then
    in your luggage to keep everything smelling nice 🙂 

  23. Kaitlin Isgriggs

    My travel tip is always keep a few extra dollars on hand just in case you
    loose your Chapstick container or you want a quick snack on the go

  24. Olivia Marshall

    My tip I always use is bubble wrapping and or duck taping my things that
    can break (shampoo bottles , perfume bottles etc ) 

  25. Brenda Valencia

    Loving the new hair girl!