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2-24-2013 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I go over the 11 most frequently asked questions I have received about cruises. This video can answer questions you may have before taking or booking your first cruise.

**2:30 to 2:38 of this video is footage from www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3kBi7Ls9Iw by Morgan’s Very Unofficial Travel Guides. My video was created several years ago when I didn’t fully understand the rules and importance of copyright. Hopefully he won’t be too upset.

1. Do you need a passport?

2. Itinerary/Ship time.

3. Storing valuables on the ship.

4. Money onboard?

5. Are cruises safe?

6. Toiletries to bring.

7. Will I get seasick?

8. Cruising while pregnant.

9. Booking requirements.

10. Minimum drinking age on a cruise ship?

11. Can I smoke on a cruise ship?

5 More things to know about cruises:

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  1. Sav Gang

    I though you need a pas port on the cruise

  2. moe leyva

    Thank you for the info….

  3. Justin Haynes

    What if someone took someone else’s card

  4. cijmoalbal

    This was a few years ago so everyone – please check the passport policy again! There’s a chance it has changed. Disney cruises have safes but I think the question might have been more about what to do with passports etc when you’re on excursion. You should have your passport with you in case of the situation you described, you miss the boat or need a hospital/transport.

  5. Sam Huang

    To go on a cruise do I need a green card, drivers license or anything else?

  6. Maxil Maxi

    What documentation do you need to get on a cruise?

  7. Jonjalyn Townsend

    could you update this video

  8. Voice of reason

    you do need a passport if your not an american citizen., pretty much every cruise line has a safe, you do need cash for tipping someone who you think is doing a really good job like your cabin steward .,if you get air sick or car sick easy then get a cabin on a lower deck and mid ship it has the least movement on the ship

  9. Marlene Gaston

    Me like!

  10. Rude Samoan

    Thank you Kermit.

  11. Jessica Ardila

    If my boyfriend is 24 and I’m 24, can we book a cruise together since we’re both over 21?

  12. Dude Regular

    married really

  13. Tisadas4

    fyi Carnival doesn’t let you smoke on the Balcones of your room either.

  14. rosettegarbanz

    How about under 25 but with parent?

  15. Voltaic Cameron

    I wanted to drink

  16. Steven Haymon

    You should bring soap. That bodywash is not very good.

  17. The Quintessential

    Do the Ships do Background checks on the passangers?

  18. Brittany Collins

    are you related to Kermit the frog? #kokomo

  19. Khyle Patel

    How does dinning work

  20. Yung Chocolate

    I hate walking around the Casino on cruises. Its smoke city in there

  21. Matt B

    You can go on a cruise if you aren’t married. Been on carnival went by myself no problems what’s so ever.

  22. Freakinstien88

    I got to know the bartender in the closest bar to my cabin pretty well, "Players Club". I couldn’t pronounce his name so I just called him "Zee". I’d spend my evenings there smoking and drinking and watching the tv. he got to telling me that he is on board for about 11 months or so, and gets a month of family time a year! he was also able to bring this family on board for his term but that’s not very practical, with school and work and all. He told me about the holding cells for trouble makers and sick people, told me what stores to avoid when we dock, he even bought me a few drinks. He was a really cool guy, just your regular super friendly bartender. really made my voyage that much more memorable

  23. Ken Kopas

    What is your favorite Carnival Ship? I am looking to go on a cruise in Feburary of next year, on the Carnival Glory.

  24. Fromthefuture

    Joe, please treat you & your wife to a Royal Caribbean Oasis Class Ship Cruise…Amazing ? !!!

  25. Voltaic Cameron

    DAMN IM 13

  26. MaltLiquor45

    my wife and i have different last names – i have been on princess, royal caribbean, disney, norwegian, carnival — and they have never asked for my marriage certificate.

  27. Kieran

    I have recently sailed with P&O Australia. This cruise line does change its time zone but does give plenty of warning. There are also more than 3 safes per room than can be open using a code.

  28. Emma Geary

    Just letting you know, if you’re sailing out of and back into a country that has the legal age of 18, you can book a cruise by yourself and you can drink on board. For example: I’m Australian and i’ll be 20 when we cruise, My 19 year old friend and I had no troubles booking. Plus we were offered all the alcohol packages too.

    Not to be rude, just thought that if anyone from any of those countries were watching they may have gotten the wrong idea being that American rules are a bit more strict 🙂

  29. ZZ Stop

    Thanks for the info, but since we’re in a judging mood… allow me to do a little judging of my own:  I smoked for 30 years and quit.  I will never understand why so many ex-smokers turn all high and mighty against smokers when they have first hand knowledge of the struggle.  Good for you that you quit, but climb down off your high horse.  Being pretentious is a more disgusting habit than smoking.

  30. brel yassine

    can i ask you how photographers work there ok plz answer

  31. ///One.Lawless

    the fuck is a trimester? we aint in college nigga.

  32. sarah peterson

    I have been on 6 cruises and my last cruise I have been on was to Castaway cay, Disney Private island and key west. On that cruise, I went to the Bahamas and then back to US. We had to go through security checks in the auditorium of the ship and we had to bring our passport because we were entering back into the US after being in the Bahamas. That was the only cruise where " I used my passport" I have been on other cruises to mexico( I been on a couple cruises to different places in mexico), italy, and bermuda!

  33. esmayw1

    Thanks  Joe  ….

  34. Randy Dunn

    Don’t buy beverage packages. They are over priced and you don’t get your money’s worth. They start from $170 for beer only to $400 for liquor and beer

  35. Joan Reese

    Thank You

  36. Judy Covert

    Just returned from Princess cruise to Alaska. Learned fast about the secrets ‘on board’ credits. They do not tell you how to keep track of your credits – machines are available at the customer service area to print your statement. There are refundable and non- refundable. The non-refundable are those from promotions. When travelling as a couple the statements are separate. You must spend the non refundable. They don’t tell you about eating in the buffet vs specific dining room. If you eat in buffet you don’t pay for some drinks. Bottles of water are $2.50 each. You cannot bring the water on board. Of course you will spend the money at the entertainment areas etc. We kept away and ended up with a reasonable refund coming. Oh to see a doctor is $95 up front.

  37. Jenerra Brown

    I got sea sick on all 3 cruise I’ve been on.

  38. Ashley W

    For carnival you don’t have to be 25 or 21 and married. I am 23 and my boyfriend is 22 and I was able to book

  39. Anthony Latino

    The ships absolutely know who has returned to the ship at the end of the day in port. That’s why they are making announcements to see if someone knows where the late passengers are. You can’t rebound the ship without your ship ID. The ships WILL, however, leave people behind if they are not back on time.

  40. diamond

    car sick what

  41. Nanmarie GY

    ‘You don’t need to go overboard" That was funny! Thanks for laugh!

  42. J.N.J. 704

    Why would you tell people you don’t need a passport? A lot of ships go to different county, and they do check when you get back on. Cruise do keep track of who and how many are off the ship.

  43. bencody3

    with p&O and royal and princess you do get a safe

  44. morgan megurine

    On the cruses I’ve been on, only stuff like extra drinks and on board souvenirs have costed money, but you could buy a sticker on day 1 that would allow you to get free non alcoholic drinks

  45. Ninjaish Productions 2.0

    on norwegian ships u can drink if ur 18 to 20 if a parent signs some papers saying u can

  46. StupidRainbows

    10 is not entirely true, It’s up to the discretion of the cruise line. For example I recently sailed with Princess there drinking age is 18.

  47. Bill Long

    If you do not have a passport and your name is now different from the one on your birth certificate you will need a paper trail showing your name change. This is important for the woman that has gotten married. You will need your birth certificate and then your marriage license then your drivers license. That is to show how the Becky Smith on your birth certificate became the Becky Jones on your DL. Seen some ladies have problems with that last time we cruised.

  48. suzanne patterson

    And you are smelly and should quit

  49. Gavin Davis

    Hav u been on Norwegian breakaway

  50. Cor Productions

    Btw i cruise a lot and all of them always wait if your late grant it it’s on royal Caribbean and princess idk others though