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11 Tips For Surviving a 9 Hour Flight with a Toddler

Here is a video showing our tips for surviving a long international flight to Australia with our 14 month old baby. I have written “9 hour flight”, but it was actually longer as we went via Seoul on Korean Airlines. From the time of leaving our apartment to arriving in Melbourne, including traveling time to the airport and in transit, it actually took 24 hours! Hope these tips help with your own travels with your toddler!

By the way, Korean Airlines was fantastic! Very baby-friendly and all the flight attendants were so helpful and welcoming. Seoul International Airport also has a great kids playground with slippery slides and everything – perfect for your baby to have some fun while in transit or waiting for you plane.

For more information and photos see www.tokyourbanbaby.com

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  1. belgref1

    That face of victory LOL 1:43

  2. Sagar Patel


    are they give you bassinet near us? i am also going with my 13 month old baby so ….

  3. Lana Miller

    love this

  4. JoMonki

    omg that exhausted mommy face at the end was brilliant!

  5. Carlea Stafford

    "don't worry if your baby makes noise"
    look that's just not right. kids need to be punished if they can't be quiet.
    tired of parents ignoring their kids whining because they don't want to punish them and the rest of the people have to listen to it. just because you are fine with it doesn't mean others are.

  6. Reiko Rogers

    I am taking my son to Japan from Texas in a couple of months and he will be just 13 months. He is a big baby but it was helpful to see what you guys did! Thanks for this video! Also, did you guys bring a car seat? or just used the bassinet for his sleep?

  7. Carrie Watson

    We are going on a 9 hour flight with our 10 month old in a few weeks so am researching! I laughed at the bassinet picture very cute!! I am a super nervous flyer and usually take something for it but because im nursing I cant so I am hoping I will be to busy with the baby to worry about things!! Great video :)

  8. FunForShez

    thanks for the tips, cute baby.????????

  9. Amber Mitchell

    At the end your toddler looked exhausted lol

  10. spee10

    Any tips for traveling with triplet 18 month infants for 16 hours? Other than telling the other passengers to cancel their flight?

  11. Tasha T

    lol at your we made it picture, you look exhausted. im getting ready to travel with my 16 month old….i dont want to buy an extra seat but i will be traveling alone. i dont know how i would eat or go to the bathroom or anything. and its a vienna-chicago flight.. uh

  12. Kary Cano

    Woow i will travel 10 hrs with my baby of 17 months old and i see u and i think i will. Thank u to take ur time to make the video. I was looking for a real video about how a baby react on a plane not just talk and talk.


    If you are to re-shoot it at some point you may wish to use the Plane Lazy

  14. melodicspeed

    9 hours ? ? ?  Nah ! thats nothing,  Take some Los Angeles – Frankfurt and without getting crazy.

  15. Brenda Morales

    Did you get baby his own seat? I'm wondering if this is almost necessary.. I'm going to Korea with a 15 month old then. Thanks.

  16. Anj Dhir


  17. Tatiana P.

    I will also take some sucking candies like lollipops so mine can suck on something while taking off and landing to keep pressure off his ears!

  18. Tatiana P.

    Speaking of running/walking around the plane is not always permitted by flight attendant. On our last flight to/from Dominican Republic when my toddler was walking/running all over the plane the flight attendant asked us NOT to come to busness/first class! Just because we flew in economy class. So, I have to force my small child  to sit still all flight? Come on,its not realistic!

  19. TeddyWhiteWA

    Usefull info – Thanks!

  20. Hai Li Weng

    Very cute video and baby! we are ready to go on a 13 hour flight and was doing some research online… had to watch your video several times. 🙂