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11 Travel Tips For Men – Man’s Guide To Traveling With Style & Being Prepared Upon Arrival

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  1. Dr. Photo Negative

    I think security was nice to you because you were white white privilege amirite.

  2. RobertB Santistevan

    Wonderful! I actually do some of these things. There is something about dressing well both how I feel personally and how I am treated. Fantastic tips! Going to check out the other 22 , Thanks!

  3. Osca Alva

    the number 1 tip and the only tip you need is travel lite 1 bag carry on no check in bags i like to go with my BAD bag # 3 bag nap sack style not the duffle

  4. Movies By Jay

    people!! go watch alpha m.'s video its in the suggestions bar on the right :)

  5. Mass


  6. A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge

    when I was in the Navy they were big on our uniforms looking good and that included our work uniforms, which back in the day was dungarees and chambray shirts. All of our uniforms were tailered for us in boot camp and we were expected to have any new uniforms tailored after that. Even the dungarees.
    We were taught how to fold or roll our clothes, including underwear and socks to fit in a minimum of space. Ever wonder how we sailors achieved those reverse creases? We turned our clothes inside out and ironed them. In boot camp we would wash our uniforms outside on cement tables using scrub brushes and laundry soap and cold water. while our clothes were still wet, we would iron them with our plastic soap dishes. Worked every time.
    On board the ship I would place my work uniforms, inside out, under my mattress and they would be pressed and wrinkle free the next day.
    Don't know if any of this info is useful or applicable to today's lifestyles or travelling, but some of it might be.

  7. vetterfellow

    Antonio: What do you suggest to some that has no taste in clothing. ( Me )

  8. Jo eliten

    Truth, I treat men who pressent them self good alot better.
    This helped me alot btw. Thank you!

  9. TheSpeerosity

    > Traveling to Australia in February
    > Wearing jeans
    Mate did you die?

  10. Huss A

    I don't like what you're wearing

  11. wndowpayne

    I dont think I want to be hanging out at a gas station at 11pm dressed nicely..

  12. Bobby Jones

    Great tips and ideas. Dressing appropriately is absolutely a key part of visual acceptance. It is a fact that you will be treated and greeted better when you dress appropriately. While nobody readily admits it, you are judged first by your appearance and it often weighs heavily.

  13. Feeza Miza

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  14. Kai Xuan Wai

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  15. hurf_durf

    that horrible green screen effect is really distracting

  16. Benny B

    I think he's confused between a shoe horn and shoe tree lol

  17. Debanjan Das

    Dress sharp when travel? With Lee jeans? Are you running a commercial? NONSENSE

  18. SpottedSharks

    Holy cow, rolling the jacket is a great idea!  One way to help yourself pack light is to consider whether you will use each item enough to justify toting it.  That it might come in handy isn't good enough.  Sure, an umbrella might come in handy but I'd rather leave mine at home and buy one on my trip if I need it.

  19. David

    Travel tip:  learn how to spell.

  20. Harrison Howard

    Antoni I love your videos. This is serious man stuff right here