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All great backpacking trips start with a great plan. In this episode, we’ll take a look at the most important parts of trip planning for your next backpacking adventure.

We’ll go into great detail on the following topics:

1) Research – Backpacking trip planning all starts with proper research. Find the best trips in your area, get the best info, and find the right maps.

2) Regulations – Securing permits for your trip and knowing the regulations of the area are absolutely critical steps.

3) Route Planning – Are you going for a loop hike, an out-and-back jaunt, or maybe setting up a base camp to explore from?

4) Hiking Mileage Targets – Setting appropriate mileage goals can make or break your trip plan. Messing this step up will quickly ruin your trip.

5) Hiking Light – Lightweight backpacking will allow you to enjoy the walking part, which is pretty key on all backpacking trips.

6) Campsite Planning – Plotting out a tentative campsite plan for your trip is a critical step. You might change up your plan along the way, but not having a plan could create a range of problems.

7) Water Plan – Knowing where reliable water sources will be along your route is one of the most important parts of backpacking trip planning.

8) Food Plan – Plan out your trip meals with lightweight food choices. Eat well and keep your weight down. Here’s our lightweight food guide – https://www.cleverhiker.com/lightweight-gear-basics/episode-7-lightweight-trail-food

9) Get The Gear – Always test backpacking gear before taking it out into the field. Here are our favorite lightweight backpacking tools – https://www.cleverhiker.com/gear/

10) Packing List – Always run through a lightweight backpacking list to make sure you don’t leave behind any important gear.

11) Current Conditions – Check the current conditions on the trail just before your backpacking trip so there aren’t any surprises, like fire bans, snow on the trail, or closed sections of trail.

12) Final preparations – Always make sure to leave a detailed itinerary with a friend and contact them as soon as you get back from your trip.

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  1. Karambit Flipper

    going on a 2 day hike/camping trip today!

  2. Chris Kisio

    5:41, thats the bivy camp at Smith.

  3. Sam Schierenbeck

    +DaveCollins great video man! Did 5 days in the Rockies in June, planning 3 more in Texas this winter. Wish I would've watched this earlier!

  4. Roberto Maldonado

    Awesome Video! … Thank you

  5. fsirjyy147

    Great videos. I would recommend these videos to anyone who is just staring out, or even people with more experience who may be able to learn something they didn't know before.

  6. TheGoatMumbler

    As always, good stuff here.

  7. The Camping Canuck

    great video guys.   Knowing your location and the terrain Is a big one

  8. Midiety

    My wife & son & I have been enjoying minimalist car camping for several years now (always knowing that we intended to become backpackers). We just bought backpacks for each other as an anniversary gift and are planning our first backpacking trip. Your videos have been very helpful and inspiring. Thanks a bunch!!

  9. Warnell Cobbs

    Great video.I am going on my first  backpacking trip here in TN. My only problem is I don't know anyone who goes backpacking. I am a newbie to backpacking and thank you for all the advice

  10. Kelly S

    Hey Dave. Love you videos! Can you do one about avoiding and treating exposure to poison ivy/oak/sumac? I'm highly allergic and still have a terrible time identifying these plants. Also I've heard that there are often plants growing nearby that counteract the urushiol irritant or relieve the itch. But I wonder… is that a myth? Do you or any of your fellow hikers suffer from these skin allergies?

  11. noah v

    do you know the brand of the pack at 5:18 i would really like to know

  12. good2go201

    One tip about online info is that you need to be aware of who is giving the info. Here in Texas we have the North East Texas Trail (a rail-to-trail path). The online info from the state park folks is great, but overly optimistic as to what you can accomplish where. I was just out there this weekend and they made it seem as if it would be a cakewalk, however in reality there are few places to setup a tent, and unless you're going town to town, there are no sources of water. The trail at most points is immediately surrounded by private property. None of that is on the web site dedicated to the NETT. IF possible find a forum with folks who have already hiked the route you want to hike.

  13. PCTAssociation

    Great intro video Dave! We're going to share it on our facebook and website.

  14. trippster33011

    That intro music is awesome. What tune is it?

  15. Cesar Valdez

    Excellent video.  I have wanted to make a video like this for some time now, but never would have made it as good as you have–especially the production quality and editing.  I am going to put a link to this video on my blog.  I get a lot of questions from rookie backpackers, and a video like this could really help out.  Thanks and keep up the good work!  I have enjoyed the rest of your videos as well!

  16. Commander Erik

    I had to hike by myself once due to friend was having a internship at a hospital, and i thought i was gonna be boring and miserable. But then the 1 week hike turned out to be AWESOME! I met so many people from all over the world and we all talk to each other here and there as we hike, and the best is that i don't have to keep up with anybody or compromise anything for someone else, and oh yea! Finally i can be alone and not hearing women flapping their gums. And the downside of hiking into the deep woods is that there's no mother fuking cellphone reception. I want to watch Netflix sometime by the campfire.

  17. TomsBackwoods

    Great video! Nice to see the growing sponsors list!