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2015 Viking Grand European River Cruise

Amsterdam to Budapest on the Viking Bragi in 15 days on the Rhine, the Main and the Danube.
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  1. Allan Avery Reply

    Went on Viking Grand European Tour last year. Well worth the time and money. Just wonderful!

  2. Chris Duguid Reply

    Wow. On my bucket list! First win Lotto!

  3. Book.Woman Reply

    Loved watching this. I'd like to do something similar with our travel pics. Did you use powerpoint? Or what, to compile the presentation. It was so well done.

  4. Alan Bornmueller Reply

    Just returned from the Viking Gullvig – Amsterdam to Amsterdam via Belgium. We are now signing up for your 15 day cruise July 2017. Great job on the video.

  5. Ken Tye Reply

    wow,, that is amazing

  6. Ken Tye Reply

    enjoyed the video….we are going on the same cruise this year….would like to know what camera you were using….thx.

  7. Dejan Mesko Reply

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  8. jclbuxfan Reply

    Watched every minute . Great work .. Going on this cruise in a year 

  9. Carol Smith Reply

    I really enjoyed your video. I appreciate the detail you included. We are thinking of travelling with Viking next year.

  10. RazorbackGermany Reply

    Hope you guys liked it 🙂
    Btw., that political rally at 25:40 was a union strike.

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