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24 Unexpected Things Aboard Cruise Ships – mental_floss on YouTube – List Show (316)

24 Unexpected Things Aboard Cruise Ships - mental_floss on YouTube - List Show (316)

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John looks at some unexpected things you’ll find aboard cruise ships!
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  1. wholeNwon Reply

    Alcohol or other drug problem?

  2. The Cardboard Show Reply


  3. matanuska high Reply

    people will roofie and rape you on cruise ships.

  4. Dalewd Reply

    You might be dead, but Grandma's still going to Venice! Had a really good laugh at this!

  5. Pablo Santos Reply

    What is the source for saying that the MSC Divina has underwater bikes?
    I spent two weeks on that ship and there was no such thing. Maybe also if they were recently placed, I went during the Brazil soccer World Cup.

  6. Randy Butternubs Reply

    Why tho

  7. Random Chance Reply

    My first cruise was a trip from San Francisco to Alaska, it was the cruise from hell – six people died on the ten day trip.

  8. Ben Stanley Reply

    You forgot to mention that the Disney cruise line is the only place you can see the live Toy Story musical

  9. FlamingAtheist Reply

    4:22 ZA WARUDO!!!

  10. Belinda Robinson Reply

    Love this show! John Green is so funny, what a great host!

  11. Nadiah Nordin Reply

    Ouran Cruise Ship Host Club, anyone?

  12. OnceUponAPiano Reply

    1) Oasis of the Seas also has a carousel (I know cause I've been on it) and that whole area of the ship has a sort of carnival theme. It's actually really cool.
    2) At least on all the ships I've been on (Royal Caribbean ones mostly), they call the AA meetings "Friends of Dorothy", not "Friends of Bill W."

  13. bsfairsme33 Reply

    I missed three entire facts from laughing when you said "speaking of things that make me shudder." :)

  14. Gabriel Sessions Reply


  15. Lars Erik Volden Reply

    I want to live on a cruise ship. Would be sweet for my rheumatism during the winter.

  16. Alora Aranda Reply

    4:00 Ouran highschool host club ????

  17. Ainigmati Studio Reply

    Every time this guy says "Mental Floss" I hear "menopause".

  18. llgla Reply

    Retire on a cruise ship. Hmm… (rubs chin)

  19. Simon Lafreniere Reply

    What I like on cruise ship is to run on the treadmill, the ocean make it more difficult

  20. Ben B. Reply


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