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5 Tips for Making Great Travel Videos

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  1. TheTravelCrush

    I don’t see how some of what you’ve said here is true? The dreaded video
    selfies? Some of the greatest travellers here on youtube travel and
    document their travels with hand-held selfies? So how are they so dreaded?
    I’d just like to know because if they are I’ll stop doing it too!! Thanks
    for the vid guys xx

  2. TheSwedishTraveler

    what´s your take on putting pictures as videos?

  3. Dutchified

    Great tips. I’ve been doing a few travel videos lately. I’d be so chuffed
    if you’d take a little look at some of my stuff. Any tips would be welcome.

  4. Mark Rankovic

    I just put together a edit from my trip to Croatia.. check it out :)

  5. Marc Perez

    Hi Jake and Chad, thanks for the tips! Noticed that the texts also is very
    cool – can you share how were the wobbling texts added to the vid?

    Thanks man!

  6. baba m

    Hi we planning to visit leh ladakh in north india so could you suggest me
    for making a script as there will be ice mountains ,landscapes ..
    thanks…waiting your reply .

  7. emiey mieysagie misterLavender

    great tips

  8. Get A Trip

    Tip #1 is so important it’s a wonder most “how to” travel making videos
    neglect to mention it. This is the first video we have seen that brings
    this to our attention as a first step.

    For those not familiar with some screenplay terminology the “story” is the
    combined media that tells of an event, a place or an adventure in an
    interesting way. “Story-boarding” is about making an outline of this story
    so that one can pre-visualize the elements that drive the story forward. If
    all your video is about is random people and beautiful scenery, no one will
    want to watch it….not even you later!

    Thanks to Jake & Chad for doing a great job here in content, despite
    falling short of any real exciting motion picture – perhaps someday we will
    see a more visually compelling version of this…

  9. Kaykrizz R.

    I am travelling a lot and i really want to do this, thanks for the great

  10. Kitty Sweetensen

    thx for the tips! I’m planning my travel video and can’t wait to capture
    all the shots and edit :-)

  11. Challenge365

    Good tips, thanks!

  12. Kaykrizz R.

    What kind of camera do you reccomend chad? I have right now a SONY TX30..
    and isnt a dslr too much of a bother to carry around?

  13. TrainerTiffFitness

    great tips!

  14. Simon Messerly
  15. Bridge

    Your videos are sweet, keep it up! I’d love for you to check out mine in
    the chances of you getting bored enough <3