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5 Travel Tips You Always Forget!

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  1. ozjkm1234 Reply

    I always print out everything just incase (great tip!) and you can make it
    enviro friendly by just printing on scrap paper ! Most info printed will
    never need to be seen by anyone else anyway :)

  2. MochaKnitster007 Reply

    Audible wore out their welcome a long time ago. I’m tired of my favorite
    YouTubers hawking their service – which sucks and is in India. Cancelling
    their “free” service is a complete PITA. 

  3. DerFruchttiger2012 Reply

    And yet another youtuber to talk about audible…

  4. Sarah Fit Reply

    Don’t forget one of these 5 tips next time you travel! They save you money,
    calories and stress but so many people forget to do them!!!

  5. Dara Tinnel Reply

    check out some podcast i would say joe rogan experience adam carolla
    podcast raw talk al something you can listen to when your traveling there
    all about 1 n 45 mins long

  6. Jay Reply

    is this the same video as “5 travel tips you always forget” :/

  7. Leslie Hewes Reply

    One tip I would add is for folks to try packing cubes. These are great for
    organizing a carry-on and maximizing space. You may have to be creative in
    folding items to fit but for socks, underwear, undershirts, etc which are
    ok to be wrinkled they are wonderful. Packing cubes also make it easy to
    find small items that are sometimes lost in the bottom of a suitcase. You
    could also use a smaller cube in your purse to organize random items (i.e.
    phone charger, lip balm, car keys, whatever you have that is thrown in your

  8. Lisa Davies Reply

    Hi Sarah

    I travel a lot. Food is very different in the UK and Europe to USA. Since
    subscribing to your channel I now know where to shop and what ingredients
    to avoid when I’m in the US. I can stay healthy and happy. Thanks Sarah!

    My next trip is in just over a week and its to Singapore and Malaysia,
    reading food labels should be interesting to say the least, eek!

    My top travel tip are Ear Plugs. For the plane, train, hotel, tent etc. A
    good nights sleep is essential so I always pack plenty

  9. frannyyzooey Reply

    Great tip about the audiobooks. They are obviously easier to “pack” than
    hard copy reading materials, but really the reason I switched to audiobooks
    is that I had a knack for getting the airplane seat with a burned out
    overhead light. That makes it impossible to read on nighttime flights! Ha
    By the way I highly recommend the audiobook “East of Eden.” So good!

  10. evpcuriosity Reply

    It’s not about which country you visit but about you who visit with you’re

  11. Cayenne Flores Reply

    If your going to different countries but a converter for the out lets
    before you leave so you have a way to charge every thing and use hair
    dryers ect. If you wait until you get there especially if it’s a different
    Language it could be really hard to find and you wouldn’t have it for just
    when you get there 

  12. LindsayDoesBeauty Reply

    Really helpful! I’ve been somewhere and all of a sudden I lose service and
    I feel so lost and helpless haha! We have come to rely on technology so

  13. vitto oria Reply

    were you in Italy? if so, where? I recognised the writing on the train! I’m
    Italian xx

  14. Morgan Hurst Reply

    Girlll, you need to watch divergent.

  15. Jennie Marie Reply

    Great tips! I travel for my photography business! I get motion sickness
    too! I take Dramamine works great!! 

  16. Chelsey Chen Reply

    I’m flying from Cali to NYC in just three days… Thank you SO much for
    this! <3

  17. Emma Cowley Reply

    Love your hair!

  18. JMdancer89 Reply

    Great tips! 🙂 By the way, you’re gonna love the Divergent series!! I just
    finished it & I kind of want to read it again haha

  19. MaicoMoon Reply

    Bring a car charger.

  20. Michelle beautyfabstar 2000xxooxxooxx Reply

    I love Audible!!

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