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6 Tips to Travel the World for CHEAP!

6 Tips to Travel the World for CHEAP!

Check out these 6 travel tips you can use to travel the world for cheap! These are some of the most important ways we save money and stick to your budget while traveling. Who said you had to be rich to see the world?

Here’s a great breakdown by nerdwallet of some of the best travel credit cards of 2016 https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/top-credit-cards/nerdwallets-best-travel-credit-cards/

Check out Nomad List (https://nomadlist.com/) to find the cheapest places to live and travel.

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  1. scottnsanfran

    Can't stress enough what you said about eating out. Cooking the food of the place you are at takes it to the next level. Then it's special when you do go out. I have done this also, back in my hostel days. Live way cheap for awhile, then a splurge. And I remember those fancy times well but messing up some dish and having some local guy tell me his mum's is so much better then getting invited to come home with him the next weekend. That's living.

  2. Ohmygodwhy _

    Buy a used car overseas you can spend as long as you want in the cities living in your car and working as an uber spend a month in London go to Paris

  3. Gettin' Saucy

    So helpful!! Our mom is a travel agent so we will get her to share this on their FB page!!

  4. Montse Baughan

    You have an amazing channel! I love it!

  5. LemonChicken123

    Where does your income come from? :)

  6. A Piece of Rhys

    Great advice, guys! How long did you save up for before deciding to travel?

  7. The Orlando Seeker

    Awesome video guys! Are you guys cruising out of Port Canaveral? if so you guys should check out the launch schedule for NASA. you can watch them from the beach for free ????

  8. Chuck Reynolds (RynoRanger)

    Booze on cruise ships… SO EXPENSIVE lol. I learned that the hard way back in the day at a friend's wedding. $2400 just on my own tab. :O Those cards they give you to swipe make you very unaware of how much you're spending. I'm worried about cruises lately… but probably worth checking them out again.

    Also great little tip list here – good links.

    Cheers guys! Have fun!

  9. Victor Z

    Tip 3 is spot on and the best tip …… Great vlog/video guys