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7 Day Royal Caribbean Cruise Vacation Vlog!

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7 Day Caribbean Cruise Vacation Vlog!
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Here is my vacation to the Caribbean, FINALLY! Thank you all for waiting. I hope that this travel vlog is fun for you to watch!

-Royal Caribbean 7 day cruise “Adventure of the seas”
-Puerto Rico, St Thomas, St Kitts & Nevis, Aruba, Curacous, Puerto Rico
-Went with mom & sister

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  1. Jeffrey Rose

    Hair loop lol :)

  2. Parker Testa

    I was on that ship, did you like it? I did.

  3. Bailey Michelle

    I CARE ABOUT YOU. i'm so jealous of this i wanna go on a cruiseeee. hair loopopopoppp

  4. madison bailey

    lol pilots of the ship hahahhaha, you mean captains ? Pilots are only for airplanes.

  5. Monkey B

    I care about you

  6. Dave b

    bla bla bla, you are so into yourself, get a real life

  7. Christian Broker

    Hair loop! Great vlog!

  8. Corretta Pollard

    I care about you

  9. Christine Banich

    I love your hair loop. I have watched a lot of different people's vlogs and I must say I really enjoyed watching yours. You are a positive person and make everything interesting. I also subscribed.

  10. abisophieee

    hair loop

  11. abisophieee

    why couldn't you have the italian food? i care about you ????????

  12. Shaggy6386

    I took the same cruise ship, same ports on my honeymoon last year. The best trip of my life, glad you enjoyed yourself as well.

  13. sbabee3333

    Put me in your suitcase next time please, I just got back from vaca and I wish I never came back! Haha, too cold here right now.

  14. cjhan47

    You are much better looking without all the makeup. No need to cover your pretty face up with gunk.

  15. John Wilson

    hair loop I enjoyed vlog. I am going next September. I wont do sub but the crazy bus and beaches all looked cool.

  16. diamond

    hair loop to the end sorry but ur mom and the other girl is boring bad nice to c u try to make lite of the situation next time good with ppl who is lite spirit

  17. Andy Roach

    hahahah HAIR LOOP!!!! I watched ur vlog while making dinner..loved it and I'm jellie.. Xoxox????????????????????????

  18. Nicole Robinson

    Hair loop. Great vlog!

  19. Ashley Sparks

    I care about you????

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    I care about you Kelsey❤️❤️????