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79 – Great Thailand Travel Tips – Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket (Jon De Leon)

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  1. Jon De Leon

    If you go during low season…..Junem July and Aug…..hotels are easy to
    finfpd at 500 to 600 BHT a day….

  2. bretto875

    going to Patay for a month in 10 days

  3. Jon De Leon

    You are right about the Pah-tah-yah and living there many people say it
    both way. Depends where they are form.

  4. Jon De Leon

    @mash4321 Thanks for your comment. Jon

  5. swampzoid

    I hope to go to Thailand someday. Seems excting.

  6. Jon De Leon

    Yes Pattaya is a little and the dirty side but there are some places that
    are not so bad. But for me Phuket is my home and I always tell my friends
    to go there. I have send many people to Phuket base on what I have said and
    not one was unhappy. I have 5 more friends that will go this summer and one
    will move there.

  7. pretorious700

    pah-tah-yah, accent on the last syllable

  8. Jon De Leon

    @mainframeusa Hi I did about 15 videos for Thailand. You need to look at
    the videos about 1 month ago and thanks for you input and comments.

  9. Jon De Leon

    Hi Swam….you will love Thailand and after you go you will not want to
    leave……..Believe me I went on a holiday from Hawaii back in 2004 for
    just a look around and never left and stayed for 4 years. I will never
    forget what great fun I had. I hope to go back soon…….

  10. Tadas Sinkevicius

    Hi Jon I plan to movie to thailand for good,what kind vaccine you
    recommended,for example hepatitis A,B and other ?thank a lo mate

  11. BK GEE

    Nice vlog!!!!!

  12. Jon De Leon

    Sorry for so late. I think you are all ready there. Don’t need one at all.
    When you get there many of the expats will help you on anything. Just go to
    one of the local bars and you will meet many. This is what I do if I need a
    update on things. You will love Thailand for sure. I hope I will move back
    also but you need a good job and a GF that will not drain you….

  13. tourindochina

    I like your T-shirt

  14. Mike Veloz

    you need to record some scenes. Sounds cool though.

  15. Jon De Leon

    I think that 2000 USD should be ok if you stay of the beer and the girls.
    These two items will cost you and it goes fast. If you want some fun you
    should go up to 2500 for 30 days. Also you need to go during July and Aug.
    The prices are very cheap.

  16. James Cupples

    how much per day on average do you think i should budget for a 30 day trip.
    I’m looking at travel costs in land and cost for hostel and guest
    houses….my friend thinks 2000 US dollars (not including plane ticket) for
    30 days….about 50 – 60 dollars per day is overkill. just wondering what
    ur opinion is.