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9 Tips for Car Rentals

I have rented many cars over the years, more than I can count, and here are the 9 tips for renting a car for a road trip that I can give you. Following these tips can make your car rental experience better in the long run.

A viewer recently asked me for details on Car Rentals. I had replied to him via email, but thought I should make this video.

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    If you are under 25 sigh up for usaa to avoid the young driver fee, and you dnt need to be afiliated with the military at all. It what i do to aviod the 75 dollar fee

  2. Teerawat Hungsasut

    Nice and useful Video, I am going to have my road trip in the US this December (~20 days) with my wife. Do you have any suggestion on which car size I should rent ? Compact/Intermediate/Full. What kind of Insurance I should buy ? My trip is around CA, AZ, NV, and UT area. Thanks in advance :)

  3. Ricky Davis

    Some cars rental don't allow pets

  4. Fior Daliza Díaz

    Good advices…thanks

  5. Claudia Yeung

    Great. You're a friend!

  6. Manuel Perez

    Perez1943@gmail.com excellent advice

  7. GivesAMinute

    Returned a Enterprise rental on Granville St, Vancouver recently with zero hiccups: https://youtu.be/ZNZmXDQKEpg

  8. Kim Sanderson

    Thanks for the tips !!!

  9. Ken Hollars

    In regards to rental companies, I strongly recommend that everyone avoid Enterprise and their affiliates. From my own and others personal experience, this company has been known to scam customers into thinking that they damaged their rental cars and try to stick you with a bill for them. It's part of their business model folks. I had to escalate my issue all the way up to the COO of the company. They dropped the damage claim against me immediately. So it pays to push back against these unethical corporations. But save yourself a headache and avoid Enterprise altogether. BTW, Nice Video Brad!

  10. Becky Haskin

    Fox Rental Car July 15, 2016 – Waited 2 1/2 hours standing in line with 20 others at Seattle airport. No one would tell us what the problem was and we missed 2 business meetings and lost $$$$! Rude guy named "Matt" finally said he would have to take my credit card to back and call it in manually because computers were down (that took 30 min. alone) . He never once offered an apology, explanation, discount or looked at me!!!! He told me they would be giving me a "comparable" vehicle which was nothing like the Jeep Cherokee we had rented. Folks were all mad and their lack of caring only made it worse. The car was a basic plain jane with not enough room for our luggage.

    Computer glitches I understand but their lack of customer service makes me know I won't be a returning customer!

    Trust me these guys will waste your time and aren't the least expensive so go elsewhere!

  11. Susy Martinez

    i like this video.. very helpful

  12. Can Celebtagram

    I just got a great car rental deal with Carla app. It is nearly half the price compared to Dollar website. Let's see how it goes.

  13. Daniel Reichert

    A short summary of the contents, esp. the hotel app names would be nice. thx for the tips though.

  14. Jim Ervin

    Yes, you can mention me and the fact that I'm now back from my trip after renting from Thrifty. These people gave me what I thought was a heck of a good deal, two weeks for $334.20, plus upgraded me to a Dodge Caravan, a great vehicle which got me to Red Deer on the first day. Since I didn't find a car to buy at my destination, I'm quite glad that I didn't do a one way rental. To do so would have cost me an extra $150 drop off fee, as I was told. Just a couple of criticizms about Thrifty. They rented me a vehicle with a slow leak in the right front tire. The tire warning light on the dash was on but I didn't know what that meant when I picked up the vehicle. I think the service man should have caught that one. Finally, in Edmonton, after a couple of stops for air, I had the tire fixed using my BCAA card. Also, I couldn't call their Vancouver office to tell them about it, only their international 1-800 number. When I returned the van, their downtown Vancouver location on Seymour in an underground parking garage was difficult to access, especially with a No Right Turn sign off of Dunsmuir. The city put that stupid sign up since the cyclists are now directing traffic at city hall. That's one sign you have to ignore in order to return a vehicle to Thrifty.

  15. Richard Duggan

    Here's a cautionary tip you might want to add to your excellent list. If you're renting a car in FL there are roads which have tolls but no way to pay the toll except by transponder. You may think that you don't need the expensive transponder because you'll just pay the tolls, but you can't! Our agent at Dollar did not tell us that even though we discussed it in front of him. The result was a bill in the mail for our $6.61 in tolls plus Dollar's "Administrative Fee" (aka scam) of $90. I don't know if other companies do something similar but one needs to be aware of the problem.

  16. Elizabeth Rod

    Thank you for these tremendousely useful tips. They helped me to rent without any problems in Herz via Carsscanner. And my experience was rather fine!

  17. Николай Числов

    Nice video, I can add for an extra tip #3 app hotwire(hotwire.com), it saved for me lots of money in Europe Germany-Austria-CZ trip.
    And it also was very helpful in coast-to-coast trip in US, especially in Vegas.

  18. Nick Gaming

    Thank you buddyDo you know any discount tips?

  19. 3214214

    First of all.thanks for your helpful introduction above.However, I have still got a question about the company"Dollars".During this summer vacation,I have had a plan to fly to MSP ,and thus I chose to rent a car from Dollars' website.Anyhow,I just couldn't make sure if the fees it showed online covers all the insurances like LDW, PPP….etc.And that truly bewildered me a lot.Please helps me,appreciate a lot !

  20. Tupperware Products

    Thanks helpful Video. Planning a road trip with my for my sister- we have a service dog for her that HAS to come with us. Planning to leave beginning of July one way !because we will have use of vehicle there. Then rent again to come home in 2 weeks. Trip from CA to NJ Please Help- never did this before, Thanks, JoAnn