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A travel around the world 2014 – Elin & Joakim

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  1. dean brown Reply

    Amazing, How much did this trip cost you?

  2. Travel Bangladesh Reply

    This is really awesome.. beautiful.

  3. Fiedz Reply

    Whats apps for edit this video? May i know?

  4. Minority Nomad Reply

    You need to get back on the road soon. This was beautiful.

  5. scientist boy Reply

    how much mone do i need to make a world tour

  6. devet devet Reply

    have you instagram? :)

  7. Robin Jain Reply

    nice song selection.:)

  8. Thushara Chinthaka Reply

    you missed one paradise call srilanka..

  9. Tjerk176197 Reply

    The girl is really hot… Great video as well XD

  10. Multinational Trekking & Expedition Reply
  11. Multinational Trekking & Expedition Reply
  12. Galih Jati Reply

    hey you skipped Indonesia?

  13. iTravelVlog Reply

    Subscribed!! this is so awesome :)))

  14. ExtraKimB Reply

    Vad hade ni för budget inför denna resan?

  15. Dominik Geiger Reply

    Awesome :D

  16. wexplore Reply

    Perfectly describes why we love travelling! Can´t wait for summer:)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. donny Reply

    why don,t u make more videos ?

  18. Aarif Lee Rahman 李治廷 Reply

    Can I co-work with you guys to make travelling films?

  19. Simon LYU Reply

    wonderful trips with your soul mate

  20. tam nguyen Reply

    pleas, help me! what is the name of the song on 3rd minute?

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