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Abandoned Cruise Ships in Rough Seas 2016. Creepy Ghost Old Rusty Ships.

Urban exploration haunted cruise ships at sea. The best big ships floating. Cruise ships disasters.
The composition “Living Voyage” belong to the performer Kevin MacLeod. License: Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).
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  1. NicoleM2108

    Why are the owners of these vessels allowed to let them rot seemingly where they lay? This is awful! Looks like rubbish all over the world (and on some beautiful coastlines too!) I am sure the State Police in my state would not appreciate it if I just abandoned my car on the highway because I do not want it anymore! Where is their responsibility in all of this!?

  2. Tide Detergent

    3:25 That ship is not in use but its maintained. Its in Philadelphia across from Ikea. (I live near that ship)

  3. François D

    The SS United States looks like the United States

  4. wm c barker

    how many are sunken in oceans all over the world, known to have sunk?

  5. SpookyDove

    sorry but the S.S America (first ship on this video) is no longer visible as of 2008 and can only be seen in super low tide

  6. Hese Kautiainen

    grandeur of the seas was not abandoned.

  7. John Roberts

    thanks for your work but should be 2 minutes long. EVERYTHING is repeated

  8. Bodgemiester

    Looks like someone has put the money up to restore the SS United States at last. I saw her in Philly looking delapidated but apparently still basically sound

  9. Master 777

    I know this song it's from this game called total miner forge

  10. Димка Вайпер

    Hello everyone! This video makes me cry and at the same time enjoy. How many abandoned beautiful cruise ships, but at the same time looks beautiful as a Museum piece)

  11. Ольга Скрябина

    Great to look at the abandoned ships do not understand why they are in such a state cast as a waste material because it would be possible to do on drugomu.Zanyatsya good quality repair and to be at a loss.

  12. Алиса Ильина

    I am impressed with the size of these ships! I watch with sadness as they die. But it's better than ships, which are operated longer than necessary and become dangerous.

  13. Санек Скудрев

    Beautiful cruise ships today have bad that so idle and no one cares about them, like the selection.

  14. Петр Великий

    Thanks to the author of an interesting collection, I think even could not imagine that there are abandoned cruise ships in the world.

  15. Миха Снежный


  16. Миха Снежный

    I think they should have painted stupid on the first ship because smart just doesn't seem to match…

  17. Дуся Жмуркина

    Did anyone see a full ten clips? I didn't and I saw the same one twice. Anyone else see that too?

  18. Tanya tatka

    Interesting video, a lot of abandoned ships, which used to be insanely beautiful, did not think that so many of them would like to see at least one live in them as enigmatic and mysterious.

  19. Katya Shukhina

    Ships created for pleasure now look so devastating!