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Advice from the KING of Exotic Car Rentals

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Coming from a family of car-loving businessmen, one would think that John Temerian would want to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and continue the tradition of being in the automotive business. However, he wanted to blaze his own path to success and tried his hand in the real estate realm. As a way to generate buzz for homes he was selling, he came up with the idea to create a fun car event that would hopefully attract owners of luxury and exotic vehicles. Thus, Palm Beach Supercar Weekend was born and with it was his ticket to the luxury and exotic car market that he tried so hard to avoid as a career. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because in the end he wasn’t able to ignore his love of cars. Soon thereafter, John partnered up with someone he had met through Palm Beach Supercar Weekend and filled a niche in the Miami area by creating Lou La Vie, a high-end luxury and exotic car rental brand.
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  1. Chrise Tube

    Haa! Jesus Crist! all that just to rent a freakin car why don't you just pay the money and just have it for the day Jesus why life is soo complicating

  2. aaf1218

    Good video. I know what he means about not doing research on people who have good driving record, history, credit cards and etc. But that doesn't mean that person can't crash that car. Even people with 800 credit scores make mistakes behind the wheel. It's a huge risk being in that business no matter who you give that car to.

  3. Top Dog

    Not much advice

  4. EduardoKicks

    Love this kid. Entourage Academy is great

  5. Just Stop

    He seems like a very humble guy!