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Scott McCartney on Lunch Break shares his favorite simple travel tips. Put a shoe you wear when flying into the room safe with your passport so you’ll never leave the passport behind when you leave. Tear off little paper with the room number when you check into a hotel and keep it handy so you don’t have to remember. Print boarding passes in advance to claim your seat and reduce chances of getting bumped. We discuss the perils of calling home from a business trip when you’re having fun and your spouse is ankle deep in diapers, proper prep for TSA body scanners, tips on cash aboard and why you should ribbon your black suitcase and put a business card inside.

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  1. NoCrossfire

    I am glad I have a rubber Batman name tag with all my info on a super hard shell light grey luggage bag. I used bright red or green zip ties for the name tag so it stands out even more, but also because I didn't want the risk of it falling off with the stock rubber tie it came with. I flew 6 times in one trip to and from. It wasn't as bad as people made it out to be. This was my first time traveling in general on a plane and it was a International flight from the US to the Philippines. I agree with these tips and add to what I said above. Ribbons due tend to break with age or if too tight. Zip ties on the other hand are strong and could work better especially if you get a bright color one. I have heard others use zip ties to lock their bags as well because sometimes the TSA will break the locks to see whats inside the bag.

    I would suggest that anything electronic or expensive should be with your carry on if you can manage to pack it well enough so its safe that way its with you at all times. Also, try to find the travel section of your local department store and get the basic things like toothpaste, mouth wash, and all that stuff because it is already the legal amount you will be able to pass TSA with. Remember any of those basic things can also be bought in your country you will be visiting. I have seen people bring full size mouth wash and it ends up holding up the line for others.

    I have read many articles about this as well as seen it first hand .Anyways, good luck out there fellow travelers and soon to be travelers. :)

  2. CrazyMunky84

    Don't recline your seat like a cunt.

  3. Benjamin Burkhardt

    I carry on a 40 liter travel backpack. You'd be surprised how much you can pack.

  4. Susan's Faves

    That was so informative!! Thank you!

  5. Bent Reality

    I put a cute Hippo toy tag on my bag [out of san diego] to identify it. The TSA or baggage handlers stole it! I f they like ribbon-they will steal that too! [also out of San Diego the TSA stole my new dress shoes [tsa because I had a tsa lock and it was locked when I got back.]. But I agree-maybe bright orange spay paint would help.

  6. SpeedyVT

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  7. Locating Me

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  9. Idiot Freckle

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  10. BornFancy

    If I have an E ticket, I just show up to the airport and check in and she'll give me the boarding pass? Right?

  11. XL Bay TravelPE

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  12. Super Natural

    can you arrange to sit in a disabled seat on the plane (if there's no other available) even though you're not disabled?

  13. gordonandsandy

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  14. Lorraine Dalu

    Best advice : Don't travel by commercial airline.

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