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Airplane/Travel Tips + Easy Makeup & Outfit! | Meredith Foster

Airplane/Travel Tips + Easy Makeup & Outfit! | Meredith Foster

Hi loves, happy International Women’s Day to all! Keep being strong and believing in yourself. Be proud of who you are, even if you are still figuring it out. I am always here to support you. 🙂

Comment below where you would travel if you could go anywhere in the world!

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  1. Kv D.Karma

    Omgg… I've just realised that I'm wearing the same shorts that Mere is wearing at 7:04!!!

  2. Jordan Brooks

    I'm going to NYC in 2 days

  3. Nathalie Ahotoh


  4. Omnia Elnour


  5. Julia Passabì

    What camera does she use?????

  6. Frida Sanchez whatever frida

    When I was packing I put my socks in my shoes and then when I took out my socks the smelled like feet and I had to wash again ????????????

  7. DjMetalDisco


  8. Natasha Bromley

    I would love to go I don't know because I did want to go to Ibiza and Las Vegas but I already went to them places

  9. Taylor Collins

    I'm going to the Phillapines, and it's a 2 hour flight to N.Y.C, and then we board a plane that takes us 14 hours. Then I have another 2 hour flight…… Imma be so bored, so I'm binge watching all these types of vids. Can anyone tell me how to download free movies and shows on my laptop??? I'm curious.

  10. lillypadbeauty 101

    Nobody gonna mention how she said adidas ? Not hating coz i love her sooo much but she said adeeders

  11. Noor Rajab


  12. Elena Hill

    I would go to Hawaii

  13. Yuko N.

    Your eyes are so pretty!!!

  14. The Running Sloth

    Going to Turkey in 3 days ????

  15. stacey delgado

    Leaving on Tuesday for my vacation finally

  16. Tabea Weinreich

    Going to barcelona in 2 weeks!

  17. Iona Hutchinson

    Yup I look down from a plane window and think about how small we are and question the universe and I sit in a dream like state thinking about humanity and the universe… So fun XD

  18. Nidia Jimenez

    How was there a dog on the seating area

  19. Keira Reilly

    Am going on holiday tomorrow and this helped me thanks xox

  20. Fidelia Bautista

    What's the name of the song at the beginning of the video?