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  1. durga chandrasekhar

    in my country its the opposite. the airport is freezing cold and the airplane is soooo hot! :(

  2. Chris Grooms

    No one should be in the position to be in a hurry to get to their flight.

  3. Diondre Dunigan

    Hack: Buy a bright color duct tape and tape an X on your bag. It's sure to make it stand out.

  4. Sarah Farris

    My biggest "hack" that I learned from other chronically ill people is not to let being sick stop me from traveling. All of the airlines have been helpful with getting me a wheelchair through security (so I won't have to wear my braces and go through the pain of taking them off) and to my gate. They are not reliable for when I land, but my usual trips take me to small airports, so I don't wait on them. I'm flying next month and I'll have my first layovers since I got sick, so I will see how that goes. I'm glad to know about asking for faster access to gates, since they are new airports for me. Also, getting a wheelchair means that you don't have to stand up at the big airports for security, which used to prevent me from flying because I couldn't stand with my feet on the yellow spots. It's also a lot faster. They even check your wheelchair or walker for free!
    I never fly without a scarf, year round!

  5. datflipmel

    AH! thanks for the tips!!

  6. World Aviation HD

    before you board the plane eat the fruit? it's not about going into the airport at departure but when you land

  7. Anne Mette Mertz

    I have a vaumbag for all off my clothing. For me that means I don't need to have check in bags that often. It safes time and money!

  8. Alisa

    Tie a colorful scarf or ribbon to a black suitcase

  9. Sharon M

    My stomach is turning I just remembered that I have a flight early in the morning tomorrow.

  10. MissDisneyDream

    You shouldn't have to jump the line for security because your late if you would have arrived in good timing allowing 3 hours for check in, better to be safe than sorry. Plus you can then always grab food/ have a shop around once you've been through check in/ security :)

  11. adsdancer33

    My best tip for being on an airplane is make sure you have plenty of hand sanitizer take vitamin c to give your immune system a boost.

  12. Evelyn Castro

    This was the best advice I have seen on YouTube

  13. Diệu Minh Đặng

    helpful video but too cringy

  14. Maxine Hill
  15. Liya moryossef

    and u said kosher

  16. Liya moryossef

    are u jewish because you have a hamsa hand of life

  17. Pinja Emilia

    I should be sleeping because i've got to wake up in less than 4 hours because I'm going to Zimbabwe but instead I'm still awake, here.. ehehh! Great tips though! :)

  18. Nuno Flosa

    My flight was canceled one time and we had to wait 4 hours on a line! We checked if this was the right line to be on and they said yes but when we were talking to the person he said we were in the wrong line!!

  19. musicISlyf1

    TSA Pre-check and/or Global Entry are musts if you are a regular flyer or even occasional. It's $99 and valid for a few years. Imagine, not having to wait those long security lines.

  20. Insha

    Travelling is frustrating. I feel like crying just thinking of it.