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All-Inclusive? The Hidden Costs of Cruise Vacations

All-Inclusive? The Hidden Costs of Cruise Vacations

Thinking about taking your first cruise vacation? Even if you book a cheap cruise, there are still a few hidden costs that you might not expect.

For example, most people don’t expect free alcohol, but soda isn’t free either. Add .50 per day for unlimited soda. What about tips and gratuities, and internet? We’ll talk about these and many more!


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  1. Nathan Davies

    Tipping is voluntary and that means there is no obligation. The people in this video did not even mention the fact that you can remove the automatic gratuities from your account on the first day of your cruse at guest services. They acted as if gratuities where mandatory, maybe that was because they did not even know themselves that there is no obligation.

  2. Freckle Finance

    Good tips to know!

  3. Kristi Davis

    The gratuities have been added to the cost of every Royal Caribbean cruise I have been on. This way I don't have those unexpected expenses. I still give a little extra at the end of the cruise!

  4. Jimirulz1

    I am a raging drunk so $55 a day is a deal!

  5. Kara Conley

    I've never been on a Royal cruise, but on 2 Carnival cruises. I've learned to go to Guest Services immediately to let them know that I do not want gratuities added to my bill because I would rather pay my own gratuities in cash… like Royal, when you book excursions through the ship your place will be held and also certain things will be guaranteed if weather conditions, time, and whatnot do not permit. As for alcohol… There are pros and cons. If you don't plan on drinking a ton then purchasing a drinking package for alcohol is not necessary. the last cruise I went on I did purchase one and still obligated to drink several drinks a day that did not sit well with my stomach my mind or my body for several days. however, if this is a big party cruise for you and your friends encourage you to buy it because it does add up and is well worth it in the end.

  6. Gigi Sando

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  7. Petar Petrovic

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  8. Kristina Vee

    So true! Great tips. I've got a cruise tip video on my channel too. These are awesome tips and helpful to first time cruisers

  9. Scott Buckingham

    55 bucks a day for booze???? Wife and I would bankrupt them in 1 day!!!!!!!!!!

  10. pete annas

    You say one alcoholic drink runs 6-9 bucks. How much for one one cup of coffee with my breakfast or a soft drink out at the pool? It's difficult to compare if the cruise line doesn't show prices for single drinks!

  11. John Rolle

    John Rolle: Seal Seal Seal go on and enjoy the world around what more can you do on a sealing cruise.

  12. louisaL1980

    As your are reviewing for a specific liner I think you should state that. Some give free unlimited drinks like ours on Thompson cruise.

  13. Pfsif

    Royal Caribbean sucks ass.

  14. wa doc

    any place to get a legit foot massage…RC port st georgegrenda


    Only thing that I found surprising is having to pay for the fitness classes. That kind of sucks but the other stuff is expected.

  16. Jen Guertin

    Thanks for all the details. How did you decide on which cruise company to go with? Was it royal carribean? 

  17. Lisa Henry

    Soooo no drinking or gambling huh? Good information guys and thanks for the tips. I guess one little ole drink won't hurt. Right?

  18. MaxBobcat

    I know about the included gratuities that they charge you on…but aren't you also supposed to tip your room attendant and the waiter, asst waiter and head waiter in cash at the end of the week?

  19. Pidasian Hippie

    Great video, but there is something so very wrong about the picture of you (Mike) on the scooter.  I have only been on one cruise so any advice is appreciated.

  20. Kevin R.

    Haha I went and watched that video (3:42) of the couple running late down the dock! SO entertaining!