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Americas 2017-2018 – Princess Cruises | Caribbean, Hawaii, Panama Canal, Mexico & More (US)

Americas 2017-2018 - Princess Cruises | Caribbean, Hawaii, Panama Canal, Mexico & More (US)

Learn all about our exciting 2017-2018 cruises to the Americas: Caribbean, Hawaii, Panama Canal, Mexico and the California Coast by watching this preview video of our sensational cruise options and enriching onboard programs.

Caribbean Cruises: https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-destinations/caribbean-cruises/
Hawaii Cruises: https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-destinations/hawaii-cruises/
Panama Canal Cruises: https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-destinations/panama-canal-cruises/
Mexican Riviera Cruises: https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-destinations/mexico-cruises/
California Coast Cruises: https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-destinations/california-coastal-cruises/
Getaway Cruises: https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-destinations/getaway-cruises/

Find out more about the award-winning cruise itineraries to choose from for your dream vacation with Princess Cruises. Discover the Caribbean, Hawaii, the CAlifornia Coast, Mexico and the Panama Canal or relax on short 3 to 5-day Getaway cruises.

Learn more about Princess Cruises Americas cruise vacations for 2017-2018 at: https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-destinations/

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  5. Bernard Mcgrath

    Princess is my favorite cruise line by far, unfortunately my favorite destination the Caribbean they no lomger sail there during July and August when my wife and I can get the time off. Hopefully someday they will start sailing there in the summer months. My next favorite Canada and again they don;t sail there in July and August and finaly the Panama Canal yep they don't sail there in July and August. Now if they started sailing again from New York in July or August I would go anywhere with them!

  6. Cathy sunfire013

    I've taken 22 cruises with princess the crew are most hospitable and my 23rd is already scheduled in Nov. happy cruising.

  7. Maureen Marchany

    seria agradable dar un crucero por esas rutas.

  8. D Nunez

    we been sailing with princess since 2013 ,amazing..the destination are fascinated..you should sailing with princess…

  9. Holly Moen

    Would be nice to have small ships sailing from the west coast.

  10. John Lopez

    what happen the cruise to Catalina Island? Did they stop going to Catalina Island?