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Army Packing Hack: How to Pack Luggage Like a Pro for Travel || Space Saving Military Style

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  1. armygringo

    *If you want to see a tutorial for something that’s not already on my
    channel, please let me know by replying to this comment. The more requests
    I get the sooner I’ll make new vids! :)*

  2. Victoria Vaden

    I thought I was a notorious folder after working for Abercrombie. Psh I’m
    spending my Saturday re-folding everything in my house. Now I have an
    excuse to go shopping. I’ll have even more space in my closet to fill hehe.

  3. Raka Gunawan

    i did the same, then when i go to security check in airport, they thought i
    bring narcotics inside the clothes hahaha

  4. navdeep singh

    Hey thanks a ton man. Really helped. Can anybody please tell me if it’s
    gonna work for coats etc?

  5. Winston Churchil

    very2 useful for me as offshore worker..how to ranger roll coverall?

  6. Amanda Rodriguez

    Thank you! I’ve been camping with my youth group for a long time and they
    recommended rolling my clothes like you do!

  7. briansmobile1

    This is a great method of packing. In my experience rolling (when done
    with non-wrinkled clothes to start) yields far less wrinkles than folding
    does because the roll is more dense and less likely to shift or be
    compressed while in transit. A flat folded garment gets compressed like an
    accordion when the bag is turned upright or on end for conveyors or when
    bags become the Tetris piece while loading into a luggage cassette on a

  8. John A

    True but you make 1 bag heavy as fuck and make us baggage handlers hate you
    🙂 But seriously that’s a good tip.

  9. Alex Romanov

    can you do a tutorial on packing backpacks specially?

  10. potany taxonomy

    كيف يتم لف الملابس و حزم الحقائب موقع راائع انصح الجميع بزيارته و التعلم
    منه ………تحياتي

  11. obiwan2208

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    quick way to access at your videos. See Help (

    Quite a few tags, no?

  12. zenobia zebo

    happy holidays every one. wish you have the best travels!

  13. panzerfaust1986tfas

    don’t understand the dislikes.

  14. Dinsey Girl

    Thank you so much I am going to see my moms only 2 years younger sister and
    uncle and one and only 17yr cousin. For turkey day I going 10 days and as a
    girl I need to bring lots of crap and thank u gifts. So I looked up how to
    Mex space for Pack Luggage I watched a few and they just did not help. I
    packed last night as I had the place to my self and I was thinking this
    will be fun. And nice a chill well after I watch 2 diff video on how to
    pack n both just did not work at all 2 sum it up. As if u reading this
    thank u I just like to tell u my story to say THANK U! Anyway back to the
    point Thank you so much for your video I saw how to Ranger roll everything
    and I did it and then watch this why lessoning 2 a Christmas Music play
    list and it worked like a cram! Thank u

  15. IgnatiusPlays

    managed to stuffed shitload of stuff with these rolls. Thanks and thank you
    for your service.

  16. Inga Gous

    Thanks so much! Managed to pack an overflowing suitcase into 1/2!!!

  17. drowsyd3m0n1c

    Attempted this with my carry on…. Hoodies jeans underwear etc.. After
    this I gained enough space for 2 more pairs of socks. A pair of boxers. A
    compass. A needle and thread. And a cyanide pill, just in case.

  18. Xian GiroT

    Cool, certainly it will work 🙂 

  19. Bob johnson

    nice, this would be great for t shirts, shorts, underwear and socks. But
    for dressier clothing you can just fold regular. Thanks

  20. Marius Celerian

    Hey Sir, I would like to thank you for your service and for posting a
    tutorial on how to pack things like a pro. It made my life a lot easier and
    saved a tons of space. I can now bring my 3 shoes in one suitcase. Thanks

  21. bigguy8

    For wrinkled clothes omit the iron just hang them in the bathroom while you
    shower or bathe preferably bathe as it’s longer so more effective

  22. Jannelle Marie McCoy

    Thanks! I am using ranger rolls to pack for my vacation this summer :)

  23. hilary benoit

    I have used military packing methods my whole life. I have to say it is the
    best method of packing a bag and it has saved me tons of space as well. 

  24. Karla Naujokat

    I would love to see how to roll jackets; sweatshirts – heavier items
    Thank You, you’ve help me organize luggage better

  25. Damian Brown

    I love this method, though I do use compression sacks too as I need to make
    the most of the space. I’ll probably use a combo of both on my next trip