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Aruba Vacation Tips

I went on a vacation to Aruba, and thought I’d share some information about the Island. Money, Driving, Weather, Stuff to Do, Grocery stores to go to. That kind of stuff.

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  1. Donald DelPrete

    Nice and helpful video but the jump cutting is annoying

  2. Linouk Show

    Any Arubiano ? Love Aruba ????

  3. The Secret Squad

    Hiii am from Aruba and we speak papiamento ????

  4. Hattie McCall

    This helps for I am going soon with my grandparents and ant

  5. David Dudenhoefer

    Thank you for this, about to go on Thursday. Staying at some adult only hotel near baby beach. Wanted the private villas, but yeah, I'll keep my $750 a night for something else.

  6. Maurice Connell

    god you're beautiful.    so beautiful

  7. Dalia Lourenço (Getting Close to)

    Thank you for sharing your tips. :)

  8. Tropicalinii