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One of the faculties that helps us most along the spiritual path is conscious astral projection, also known as astral travel.

Conscious astral projection is the conscious presence in the astral plane or fifth dimension, a dimension of nature where neither weight nor distance exist. Astral projection is sometimes referred to as a type of out-of-body experience or OBE.

Astral projection is a natural process we should never be scared or fearful of since all human beings go the astral dimension while the physical body is sleeping. Even animals go to the astral plane every night when they sleep. While our physical body is resting during sleep, we go to the astral dimension with our astral body, a body exactly like the physical, but made of energy, which moves at great speed like a thought and is able to investigate anything we like in the Universe.

Unfortunately, we are usually unaware of all those processes and we wander through that dimension with sleeping consciousness, doing all the same activities and behaving as we do in daily life. That fact means for us a missed opportunity since the astral dimension is a place where true knowledge can be learnt. Astral projection or astral travel has been an invaluable source of knowledge over human history.

When somebody learns to leave their physical body at will, consciously, they can talk face-to-face with masters, they can receive secret teachings or attend temples, etc. In that dimension we can study our own problems, our future and also past times. It is a really simple and quick way because there we are out of time. However, in order to achieve all that we must become practical and leave theories aside.

Astral projection techniques are really simple but require concentration, steadiness and strong will. Some people may have an innate ability to astral project, but the great majority of people need to train and practise to be able to move consciously in the astral dimension.

It is urgent to learn astral projection. All those who begin to astral project will start to guide themselves and will be preparing to guide others; because this is what humanity needs: guides.

The small book entitled ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’, which is sent free of charge to any country of the world by the Alcione Association, will show us the techniques to achieve conscious astral projection.

Request your FREE BOOK from: https://www.astral-projection.info/en/

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  1. Nikhil Maurya

    there are 7 astral worlds, linked through anhad naad, our true lord resides in the 7th world

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    Astral projection is possible for us. In the book Hercolubus or red planet are the keys.

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    Astral proyection is likely with the instructions of the book hercolubus or red planet.

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    Amazing video. I wanna learn it! :D

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