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Baby Boomer Travel Tips for Europe

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  1. Retirement Media Inc

    Interesting travel tips for baby boomers.

  2. Nury Waiss

    That was really something, 🙂 And you are your dad´s photocopy, just as
    Liam is yours, 😉 Caleb is getting bigger all the time, my gosh, 🙂 Can´t
    wait to meet all of you guys, 🙂

  3. Marian Sunshine

    I enjoy all your videos! Great advice as always ;D

  4. lyhpuggy61

    I’ve heard that using ATM in paris is not that safe these days ? Are most
    ATM machines outside the buildings? Do you carry passport with you all the
    time or store it in the hotel room safe if there is one ? Thanks in advance
    for sharing more tips.

  5. Yu Yao

    thank U for posting!

  6. Mark Wolters

    Cool to see you on ABC Nightly News with Diane Sawyer! Good Job! Thanks for
    the Advice!

  7. Ming Yan

    it’s a nice video and useful for baby boomers

  8. Nury Waiss

    What do you call the “Clásico?” :-p

  9. woltersworld

    they are quite nice 🙂 i like them 😉 all the best! hope you will like and

  10. Jing LI

    really interesting!


    Wow, attractive advice!

  12. woltersworld

    Thanks. Hopefully we can pull off Argentina 🙂 I don’t know if we will make
    it to el classico though 😉