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Baby Boomer Travel Tips for Europe

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  1. Retirement Media Inc Reply

    Interesting travel tips for baby boomers.

  2. Nury Waiss Reply

    That was really something, 🙂 And you are your dad´s photocopy, just as
    Liam is yours, 😉 Caleb is getting bigger all the time, my gosh, 🙂 Can´t
    wait to meet all of you guys, 🙂

  3. Marian Sunshine Reply

    I enjoy all your videos! Great advice as always ;D

  4. lyhpuggy61 Reply

    I’ve heard that using ATM in paris is not that safe these days ? Are most
    ATM machines outside the buildings? Do you carry passport with you all the
    time or store it in the hotel room safe if there is one ? Thanks in advance
    for sharing more tips.

  5. Yu Yao Reply

    thank U for posting!

  6. Mark Wolters Reply

    Cool to see you on ABC Nightly News with Diane Sawyer! Good Job! Thanks for
    the Advice!

  7. Ming Yan Reply

    it’s a nice video and useful for baby boomers

  8. Nury Waiss Reply

    What do you call the “Clásico?” :-p

  9. woltersworld Reply

    they are quite nice 🙂 i like them 😉 all the best! hope you will like and

  10. Jing LI Reply

    really interesting!

  11. JIAN ZHAO Reply

    Wow, attractive advice!

  12. woltersworld Reply

    Thanks. Hopefully we can pull off Argentina 🙂 I don’t know if we will make
    it to el classico though 😉

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